Port Authority Announced Increase in Bridge & Tunnel Tolls


The commute from NY to NJ is likely to become even more expensive. Port Authority announced the increase in the upcoming 2023 budget.

Tolls are expected to go up by $1 on Port Authority bridges and tunnels between New York and New Jersey, comes January 2023.

The agency says the rate increase was caused by inflation costs and an approximate loss of $3 billion caused by the pandemic.

Off-peak E-ZPass tolls would rise from $11.75 to $12.75 for passenger vehicles. The peak-hour E-ZPass toll would climb from $13.75 to $14.75. And cash tolls will go from $16 to $17.

“Automatic inflation-based adjustments at the bridges, tunnels and AirTrains are scheduled for implementation on Jan. 8, 2023, as established by three resolutions by the Port Authority’s Board of Commissioners (2008, 2011, 2019). From September 2020 through September 2022, the consumer price index (CPI) increase totaled 14 percent, which has triggered $1 increases in auto tolls at tunnels and bridges, as well as AirTrain fare increases of 25 cents. Fares at PATH remain at their current level. Discount plans will continue in effect.”

The proposed 2023 budget is available online here for public review and comment. The public may submit written comments on the proposed budget here by Dec. 11. Members of the public wishing to address the Board of Commissioners on the proposal as part of the Board meeting on Dec. 15, 2022, when the proposed 2023 budget will be on the agenda for action, can submit any of the following:

· Written statements, which will be filed with the Board meeting transcripts. The agency will provide written comments received to the Board commissioners prior to the meeting.

·  Pre-recorded video statements, which will be broadcast as part of the public Board meeting. Advance registration required.


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