Monsey NY: Major Accident Involving School Bus Carrying Jewish Children


There was a major accident involving a school bus carrying Jewish children that crashed into a residential home. A car can be seen just beside the school bus, which is completely flipped over.

The incident happened at 36 North South Gate Drive in New Hempstead, Monsey NY. The bus reportedly lost control, swerved off the road, and collided with two parked cars before smacking directly into a home. Investigations are ongoing.

Hatzalah and local emergency crews have transported 17 victims from the scene to nearby hospitals; at least 5 were taken to trauma centers.

Two of the children are currently in critical condition R”L and are undergoing immediate surgeries. Please Daven for Yehoshua Herschel ben Sasha, and Moshe ben Sarah Yehudis.

May we hear Besuros Tovos and may all have a speedy recovery.

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