Blakeman to Hold Major Rally After Dangerous Anti-Semitic Perp Offered Sweetheart Plea Deal


Nassau County Executive Bruce A. Blakeman will join community leaders, and other elected officials to condemn the disgraceful plea deal offered to the animal who attacked Nassau County resident Joey Borgen because of his faith.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is offering a plea deal of just six months in jail to Waseem Awawdeh, who, together with a mob, savagely beat Joey Borgen on a Manhattan street because he spotted a Jew. Awawdeh showed no remorse for his crime and said he “would do it again.”

County Executive Blakeman and others will detail the facts of the case and give ways for the public to pressure the DA to lengthen the proposed sentence.

The Defendant is set to return to court on January 26th.

A video message from Joey Borgen talking about his experience will be played and distributed to members of the media.

Nassau County Executive Bruce A. Blakeman Former Assemblyman Dov Hikind
Local Faith Leaders
Other Elected Officials

Ceremonial Chamber, Theodore Roosevelt Executive & Legislative Building 1550 Franklin Avenue, Mineola NY 11501

TOMORROW, Thursday, January 19th, 2023, 11:00 am


  1. Give Nassau County Executive a big hand and please show up! He is doing more than local school, synagogue leaders (why the silence??)
    You could have all mobilized hundreds and hundreds of the 5 Town residents by now – gives a clear message that the abuse against Jews can continue.

  2. I agree, where are the rabbis from all the 5 towns shuls? It’s disgraceful! We should of gathered a long time ago with schools, shuls and community leaders . What are they afraid of? Whose keeping them quiet with payouts?

  3. Dear Anonymous who wrote the following;
    “ where are the rabbis from all the 5 towns shuls? It’s disgraceful! We should have gathered a long time ago with schools, shuls and community leaders . What are they afraid of? Who’s keeping them quiet with payouts?”. Instead of finding others to blame and accuse of receiving payouts how about you do something! Get off your self-righteous anonymous podium and go door to door recruiting people. Spare us your vile anti-rabbinic rhetoric filled with judgements and hate. No one is keeping you quiet so get to work and organize rides etc.
    Shalom Al Yisroel

  4. matis- the rabbanim have showed their support for democrats including Biden and Hochul. Would you like me to start naming them. local mosdos and non profit like democrat because they think they are receiving money from them hence they don’t say anything bad about them. rabbanim should say voting democrat is dangerous if they stand for photo ops with the democrats you know they want them like the local rabbanim wanted stacey pfeifer amatio and she is quiet.

  5. To Matis,
    Would it shock you to know that I’m personally very involved to the brim in doing just what I wrote too few are?
    Whom exactly are the Jewish people expecting to protest, March in the rain/snow/heat if not our own???
    Time to look at other groups who speak up, kick their heels up and protest – it works!

  6. Of course protest! It’s a miscarriage of judgement and reeks of warped values at best!
    However, an article appeared on Wednesday and a few hours later there’s criticism, verbal condemnation and assumptions of nefarious motives to people whom we respect and value. This is not the way.
    Newsflash: Rabbis aren’t meant to do everything, especially when others are able to do it. We have a T’fillah on Shabbos for “Rabbanan” etc., one for the “members of our personal Kehillah” and a third for those in the wider community and those “who are involved in the needs of the community.”
    Evidently the first and third categories are not necessarily the same.
    Regarding political affiliations and affinities, if there are some Rabbanim who voted Democrat, you can take that up with them privately and share your (and my) views.
    I believe we can be more successful in attaining Din/Justice and Shalom/peace when we follow the Dinnim of speech and the pursuit of Shalom.
    Feel free to respond to me privately only.

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