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Download the Masmidei HaShabbos or Shabbos Malkisa Books for FREE and your Shabbos will never be the same again.

Learn the book together as a family, do the missions, take the quiz, win prizes and so much more with Masmidei HaShabbos.

On Friday night, Avi twirls his fork in his hand. It’s Leil Shabbos and his family is in the middle of the seuda. Three year old Ari is showing off his arts and crafts from school, and Avi is bored. He’s 11, not a bochur, but also not a kid. Avi wished he could contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.

Avi sits up straight, holding his Masmidei HaShabbos booklet in his hands. Little Ari is showing the family his arts and crafts, but the second he’s done, it’s Avi’s turn to shine. He will sing Koh Echsof, the song of the week in the booklet, with his family, but first he will share what he’s learned this week. He can barely wait for the warmth and camaraderie.

Which scenario resonates with you more? Shabbos, the foundation of our Emunah, is the day created to fulfill our mission in this world. Shabbos is a Matana Tova – a precious gift that Hashem gave to us, the tachlis ma’aseh shamayim v’aretz, and the source of all Bracha and Kedusha is all too often not properly understood or appreciated. Shabbos is about so much more than what we cannot do, it’s about what we can do. Masmidei HaShabbos helps elevate Shabbos for young boys and girls while keeping concepts approachable and exciting! Masmidei HaShabbos is a brand new program for boys and girls in 5th-8th grades. Their mission is to bring Shabbos – its beauty, depth and joy, to the forefront of our schools and homes in a positive and exciting way. 

Masmidei HaShabbos is inspiring children, and in turn, their families to a greater appreciation and understanding of the depth, meaning, and joy of Shabbos by providing a deeper understanding of the tefilos, zemiros and essence of Shabbos.

Masmidei Hashabbos is back for the second year for a six week program. Each week, a new book will be distributed to more than 25,000 students in over 150 schools. You can join too by downloading the book at KHC.Global. The booklets are full of information and inspiration and encourage children to engage with the materials.

Exciting raffles will be conducted each week, with a grand raffle prize of two tickets to the Maamad Kedushas HaShabbos. Children are encouraged to read the material and discuss it with their families, as well as sing the songs that are in the booklet and answer some questions each week. Children can enter the raffles by calling the hotline and following the instructions on how to enter.

Excitement is mounting as the project gets to a strong start, with thousands of kids clamoring for more! Be sure to be part of this incredible movement that will bring more joy into your home each week. Join Masmidei HaShabbos today. 

Masmidei HaShabbos is a part of the Kedushas Shabbos initiative founded by Ki Heim Chayeinu, a project of Agudas Yisrael of America.

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