IDF and U.S. Launch Massive Joint Drill as Apparent Threat to Iran


Monday marked the beginning of the Juniper Oak joint exercise held with U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM). The exercise tests collective U.S.-Israeli readiness and improves the interoperability of both militaries.

The exercise will simulate target strikes and training in complex terrain while integrating joint communication and command and control systems.

Israeli Navy missile boats and a submarine will maneuver in tandem with an American aircraft carrier. Additionally, an American tanker will refuel Israeli Sa’ar 5-class corvettes in offshore waters to increase the IDF’s area and range of operation in both routine and emergency scenarios.

During the exercise, the U.S. and Israeli air forces, navies and ground forces will conduct coordinated strikes against targets representing maritime threats.

The Israeli Air Force and U.S. Air Force will simulate training in different types of terrain with several fighter and transport aircraft, rescue helicopters, RPAs, reconnaissance aircraft and American bombers, which will drop live munitions across southern Israel. Also taking part in the exercise are Israeli “Re’em” refueling aircraft, future IAF refueling aircraft and American KC-46 refueling tankers, which will refuel fighter aircraft and bombers.

The Israeli Ground Forces and U.S. Army will perform a joint training drill consisting of ground maneuvering and dozens of rocket launches, during which long-range rockets will be launched from the American HIMARS.

Senior officials from CENTCOM will visit the sites of the exercise.

The exercise is an additional layer of defense that strengthens and trains the multi-branch and international methods of action among the militaries to counter a variety of regional threats.

The active maneuvering of the security personnel will be felt throughout the country, and echoes of explosions will be heard in the southern region.

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