Mi Kiamcha: NY Hatzalah Member Makes Headlines After Saving Woman Mid-Flight


A Hassidic Jew is being hailed a hero after saving a woman mid-flight.

A Jet Blue flight from New York City to Fort Lauderdale, FL, was going nice and smooth until a woman suddenly fainted in the aisle of the plane.

The fight staff and pilot were about to make an emergency landing when a Hassidic Hatzalah member noticed what had transpired and jumped in to save the day.

Theodore Schischa, a dedicated member of Williamsburg Hatzalah rendered medical assistance to the distressed women, allowing the pilot to continue to New York and avoid the emergency landing.

A Twitter account Nycphotog shared photos of the incident (below), stating “Hasidic man trying to save a woman aboard a JetBlue flight right now at 36000 feet above South Carolina.”

The woman was said to be conscious and talking when the plane landed. An ambulance reportedly met the aircraft after it landed, and emergency personnel boarded the flight to take the woman off first.

Mi Kiamcha Yisroel!


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