Williamsburg: Thief Steals $22K in Jewelry While Hassidic Owner Davens in Satmar Shul


A thief with expensive taste got away with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry thanks to the help of his lookout, and police said the pair ran the robbery all while their victim was praying inside a Brooklyn synagogue.

The shocking crime occurred last Thursday outside of Satmar Shul on Rodney Street. Video captured the moment the suspect broke into a car around 5 p.m. and pulled out a laptop and jewelry valued at around $22,000. While the perp made off with the goods, his partner followed the car’s owner into the Shul to ensure the coast was clear.

Footage suggests that this may have been an inside job, as the victim’s car was the apparent target of the heist. NYPD detectives are currently investigating the matter.

Surveillance images shared by authorities captured an excellent image of the crime duo, and footage of the actual smash-and-grab was obtained by Williamsburg News.



  1. Unfortunately,bag of jewels should have been taken into Shul with the man. That’s an awful lot of moneysworth of jewels to leave in a car. There are too many thirds around. Hope someone is caught.

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