Tehillim Needed: Another Shooting Attack in Huwara Over Shabbos, Two Injured


Update: B’Chasdei Hashem the latest reports indicate that the soldiers are recovering nicely. Please continue to have them in mind in your Tefillos: Elon Ben Na’ama and Uri Ben Zohar. Besuros Tovos.

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Two Israeli soldiers were injured following a drive-by shooting attack in Huwara, over Shabbos.

The soldiers were taken to the Bellinson Hospital. One soldier is in critical condition R”L, and the other is listed in moderate condition.

This is the third terror attack in Huwara since the beginning of March. The IDF closed roads around Nablus amid a manhunt for the gunman/gunmen who wounded two Ithe sraelis in Huwara.

Please Daven for Uri ben Galit. May we hear Besuros Tovos.

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