Crown Heights: Third Arrest Made in Attack of Two Jewish Boys



A 13-year-old boy, the third perpetrator of a violent mugging in Crown Heights, has been arrested after being identified on security camera footage.

Shomrim of Crown Heights announced the arrest, thanking the NYPD 71st precinct for the “great work” in tracking down the attackers.

The boy who was arrested on Monday was the third among six teenagers who assaulted two Jewish boys in Crown Heights. Two earlier arrests were made over the past weeks, with one of the perps, a 16-year-old boy, having at least 6 prior arrests.

The violent attack occurred on March 14th near the corner of Albany Ave and Carroll Street at around 9:15 pm.

Crown Heights Shomrim received multiple calls from witnesses reporting the attack and quickly dispatched multiple units to the scene of the attack. Shomrim volunteers followed the attackers as they fled on Albany Ave. toward Eastern Parkway.

Shomrim kept an eye on the perps following them as they entered an apartment building on St. Johns Place and waited for the Police to arrive. Unfortunately, by then the perps had already disappeared inside the building.

Crown Heights Shomrim assisted the victims in filing the Police report and turned over video of the assault to the NYPD. “We are working with the victims and police to ensure that these perpetrators are caught,” Shomrim wrote on Twitter.

Hatzalah transported the victim to the hospital where he was treated for a broken nose.

Shomrim hopes that the remaining perpetrators will be arrested in the coming days.

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