Zev Brenner Joined by Matchmaker Baila Sebrow on Being No Match For Netflix’s “Jewish Matchmaking”


Talkline With Zev Brenner with Matchmaker Baila Sebrow, who was contracted to be on Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking show but ended with no match.

Baila tells her story of what happened.


  1. 1. no-one cares or knew that you were contracted to be on netflix 2. saying not nice things about another Jewish person is lashon hara 3. your credibility now as a shadchan just went down the tubes. why was it necessary to comment move on in life

  2. No frum person belings on Netflix or doing something like that to put a spotlight on our community. Nothing good woukd have come from it. Hashem said NO. Let it go.

  3. So why were you interested in the first place ? Now you are saying the emes (truth) but it seems hypocritical that were willing to go on Netflix & portray Jewish matchmaking to the public . Now you are saying chillul Hashem but wen they picked you you had different thoughts hypocrite .

  4. This film has nothing to do with Orthodoxy or religious singles .Its a film based on nothing that has to do with anything that incorporates Frum singles .If it interests you to watch it for entertainment value ,you will find yourself skipping through many parts .

  5. I think both from the show and this interview we can see how many “shadchanim” are absolute kooks and quacks.

  6. Not sure why you spend all this time without a contract and a lawyer. Why would you work for 2 years without getting paid.

  7. I don’t think it was that unrealistic and vulgar. This is really how these people are and you are not that selfless.

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