Submit by Today: Thank You Letters For Unwavering Support to be Handed in to White House


Rabbi Axelrod and Rabbi Schachter will be taking a group of local Jewish school children from our community to hand deliver thank you letters to the White House Administration this week in Washington DC. We hope to collect at least ten-thousand such letters by the deadline.

This is a special opportunity to recognize and to show our appreciation to the President and his cabinet members for both their unwavering support for, and solidarity with, Eretz Yisrael during these most trying times.

Rabbis’ Axelrod and Schachter, along with the children, will be hand-delivering several boxes filled with the hard-copy letters directly to the Oval Office. Please take a few minutes out of your schedule to show your appreciation to the President and his administration by having each member of your family draft a personal thank you letter (letter-size, unfolded and without an envelope) by Monday evening (10/16). Please make sure to include your name and where you are from.

There are drop off boxes in the Young Israel of Woodmere and Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst Shul lobbies.

If you are unable to drop it off in person you can email your letters to: [email protected] and they will be printed out.


  1. Please wait. The white house still has done very little. They were late to the game in any public opinions (the prez took 4 days), they just started removing citizens from Israel but making them pay (but illegals and Brittney got it free), they will start pressuring Israel not to have ground invasion amongst others…

    So why do Modern Orthodox rabbis desire such politicians its all fake all in election season maybe they should write thank you notes for Donald Trump for making sure there was no war during his tenure.

  2. Shame on our askanim for trying to sell us down the river again, just as they did by Kathy Hochul, the architect of cashless bail

  3. Anonymous: Biden first addressed the USA about Israel on October 7th

    Biden pulled together a unified statement in support of Israel from the heads of France, Germany, the UK, and Italy on October 9th. (The day of the terrorist attacks, and two days after). He has been sent two US aircraft carrier groups to the region to prevent the current conflict from growing wider.

    Stop getting your information from attack-media and see what’s actually happening in the world. And then maybe practice a little hakaras hatov at a time when it actually means something

  4. @Pay attention it took him 4 days to speak-fact
    anyone leaving israel needs to pay for their flight and its only to Europe-fact
    britnney g didnt have to pay for her flight and got a heros welcome in trading a murderer-fact
    in case you didnt know illegal immigrants are about to get major handout all 2 million of them -fact
    remember only under biden and democrats are their chaos

    Now your turn

  5. I agree. We don’t owe politicians anything. I love it when democrats say we owe them “Hakarat hatov.”

    Biden stranded so many Americans in Israel and made them pay to fly to Europe and then figure things out from there. But he’s using our tax dollars to feed and house illegal aliens in fancy hotels. Brittany Griner also got a free flight home. Biden cares about other people – LGBT, black, illegal aliens – more than he does about us.

    I will not write a letter and it’s shameful people are trying to drum up support for him after giving 6 BILLION DOLLARS to Iran!

  6. Did our rabbonim lead a letter writing campaign to thank President Trump for moving the embassy to Jerusalem? I don’t think so! But thank you Biden for reading a three minute speech off a teleprompter after giving billions to Iran.

  7. Anonymous: Did you even bother clicking the link? That speech was on October 7th. October 7th was Shabbos/Shmini Atzeres. Maybe you didn’t notice because you were keeping Shabbos/yom tov. But it was the seventh. The day of the attacks. FACT.

    Do American evacuees have to pay? We don’t know yet. They have to sign a promissory note that they will pay if requested. The government can waive the cost, and has in the past. We’ll see what happens. It’s a US law and practice that dates back to WW2, it’s not Biden personally charging anyone.

    And if you honestly want to compare Jews sitting in their hotels in Yerushalayim for an extra few days to Brittney Griner’s captivity in a Russian prison … Maybe you have a lot more thinking to do. But again, I understand. You get your news from propaganda organizations. They don’t want you to differentiate between different situations, so you don’t.

    You don’t like hostage exchanges where criminals are freed? OK, I understand your concern there. I guess you’re saying you wish Gilad Shalit were still held captive in Gaza. I don’t agree with you, but I can understand where you’re coming from.

    Biden stranded Americans in Israel? Really? Was there an Executive Order that forced commercial airlines to cancel their flights? Did Biden call the CEOs of American and United airlines and order them to strand tourists in Israel? Where do you get this stuff?

    I get it. You hate Biden. You hate Democrats. You’ve been told to do so by people who want your money and your vote, and you clearly don’t have the critical thinking skills to read into that fact. Now, when you’re seeing an unprecedented act of support for Israel by a US president (TRULY unprecedented), you have to hate.

    I feel sad for you.

  8. @pay attention-actually gilad shalit shouldn’t be freed- first it was aginst halcha all rabbis were against it and 2nd the person who was freed was the masterminded of the attack. your insane pres biden waited 4 days to speak about it. your response is biden allowed chaos to happen in the middle east and we should be thankful udner trump there was peace. you lost your mind.
    its the responsibility of the state department to help out all american citizens everywhere.
    I love how you left out the millions if illegals coming in on a free tab.

    4 days after the attack get a life

  9. @Pay attention.

    Please explain why your Biden sent 6 BILLION dollars to the terrorists’ financial and operational supervisors.

    Please explain why your Biden is pressuring Israel not to “occupy Gaza” when we all know that is the only solution.

    Please explain why your Biden and his admin are going to do a 180 flip in the coming weeks and screech about the “disproportionate measures…we call on all sides to show restraint”. I’d be happy to correct myself if I’m wrong.

    Lastly, please explain why major newspapers and channels (the kind you read and listen to) have noted that the Aircraft carriers are there so that Israel has “reassurance” that if Hezbolah declares an all out war, they will intervene. AKA, Israel cannot pre-emptively strike the genocidal depraved demons in the north, and can only respond when they repeat what Hamas did in the south.

    A speech is nice but it is basic humanity. It is worth nothing and will not change the war or alter the strategic picture. Action is what is important. Biden helped create the conditions where the Taliban inherited arsenals of weapons (the kind he doesn’t want you to own), and where Iran emerged bold and powerful, all while he raked Israel over the Supreme Court reform protests together with the left in Israel, and now he needs to fix this.

    Also, where are the letters for Mayor Eric Adams? Or Gov. Ron DeSantis? They are all immeasurably better friends of Israel than Degenerate Biden.

  10. @6T Resident: From your barely-coherent message, I guess I’ll have to use short sentences with small words. I’ll try:

    1) “All rabbis” were not against the Shalit deal. All rabbis are rarely in agreement about anything. Just off the top of my head, the two Israeli chief rabbis were fully in favor of the deal.

    2) Look at the link I provided above. That was a speech Biden (he’s your president too, sweetie) gave on October 7th. THE DAY of. You can keep on saying that it took him four days to speak. Say it as many times as you like. You’re still wrong. He spoke publicly on the 7th. He spoke to Bibi on the 7th, the 8th, the 9th … And he worked with other global leaders to get their support as well. Did he give a speech four days later? Absolutely. He also gave a speech at the White House to leaders of Jewish groups on the 5th day. He’s been speaking and tweeting about it constantly. Seriously, all you have to do is consider the fact that you’re wrong. Because you are. Here, I’ll make it easy for you. Here, again, is the link of Biden speaking on October 7th. hy do you keep denying that this speech happened?:

    3) “Under Trump there was peace” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! While there certainly wasn’t a war like there is today, there were regular terrorist attacks, and Israel had to go in Gaza multiple times during the Trump administration. But I know, to you he’s the heroic leader who put his name of on a cornerstone on a building in Jerusalem. Oh, and he also pulled the US out of Syria and Turkey, leaving those areas to be militarily held by Russia. That’s definitely been helpful for the long term peace. Look, you can be as thankful as you like over Trump’s moving an embassy at a time a quiet. Personally I’m more impressed by friends who stand by Israel when things are difficult.

    4) Oh, so now this is about illegal aliens? You really do seem to get all your information from Fox News, don’t you?

  11. @Ari:
    1) No. YOU look into what the real story is about the $6 billion. You can throw it around as if it’s meaningful, but it’s not. And I have no desire to waste my time here debunking stupid accusations.

    2) Israel has said they don’t want to reoccupy Gaza. The only people who want to reoccupy Gaza are a small percentage of Israeli society. Why should Biden take the side of a small percentage of the population of the country he’s giving support to when the leaders of the country itself don’t want that?

    Look, I’m clearly not as smart as you. I DON’T claim to have the solution to dealing with the Palestinian issue in a quick paragraph I can yell at my Shabbos table guests. How to deal with Gaza today, whether a reoccupation is necessary even if not desirable? That’s a really big question. And I’m sure there will be various options explored over the coming weeks. If you really think that not knowing the final answer right now disqualifies someone as a friend of Israel …. Well, I think you’ve got the bar set higher than anyone can reach.

    3) I must say, I am impressed. Not only are you smart enough to know exactly what the final answer is (regardless of how it’s the opposite of what all Israel’s military and political leadership believes), you’re also a navi who knows exactly what the Biden administration will do next week. Please, while you’re at it, can you tell me this weekend’s Powerball numbers?

    4) You contradict yourself. You note (correctly) that the carrier groups are there to prevent other countries in the region from attempting to join in the war. Biden has said numerous times that he backs Israel’s military decisions. Wouldn’t that include Israel’s first-strike against Hizbullah if, and only if, ISRAEL (not you, Ari. Israel.) decides that a pre-emptive strike is in their strategic best interests? Wouldn’t the presence of America’s carrier groups grant Israel more freedom of action and more time to plan and organize a first strike? I’m not saying this is the plan. I don’t have your gift of nevuah. And it’s certainly possible that the US is exerting diplomatic pressure to prevent Israel from pre-emptively turning this into a regional war. But here’s what actually happened: The American president did not only SPEAK nice words. He ACTED. He has committed American troops and materiel to support Israel in its effort. He has pushed to allocate funds specifically to help Israel fight this war. And right now, he is actively present in a war zone, explicitly to support Israel in a dangerous moment.

    And you sit there saying it’s nothing, and saying he’s done nothing to change the war or alter the strategic picture. Wow. Are you that determined to hate him that you can’t even see where a basic thank you would be called for?

    If you want to send a thank you note to Eric Adams and Ron DeSantis (neither of whom have taken any ACTION to support Israel, though they did, to use your words, give speeches that are “nice but it is basic humanity. It is worth nothing and will not change the war or alter the strategic picture.”

    I’m just really stunned that after all this, you guys can persist in calling Biden “degenerate”. Propaganda really does melt brains, doesn’t it?

  12. @Pay attention- Yes you mean R’ Ovadia Yosef and R’ Shlomo Omar their reasons were different and looking back even the reason of Rav Ovadia Yosef falls off.,7340,L-3809235,00.html gives name over over 50 rabbis in israel that were against the trade

    -Biden-you are right I was mistaken Biden gave a small speech not in front of the press but yes he did say something I was wrong

    -trump there will always be some sort of terrorist attack on Israel its the nature however there wasn’t chao and more middle eastern countries began to normalize their relations with Israel that is major stop popooing it-the fact is the withdrawal from Afghanistan put our enemies on alert that América is weak

    -i don’t get any info about fox news but hey as long as we can steal your packages, you car beat you up with out consequences as NY democrats allow (which you are one) im fine with that

  13. You can express hakaras ha’tov for the arms and support provided to Israel at this moment of crisis, but at the same time, one should not turn a blind eye to the anti-Israel tilt of Biden’s foreign policy and the funds that he enabled our enemies to access.

    1) It’s not just about Gaza. Biden has said he supports a return to pre-1967 borders and the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel (

    2) It’s not just 6 billion. Biden has relaxed sanctions against Iran allowing them to export oil to the tune of a profit of 30-40 billion in the past year. Under Trump, this was not allowed. (

    3) There is currently a lawsuit that a Federal Judge has allowed to enter discovery over the Biden administration’s knowingly funding the PA even while admitting the PA still uses funds for “pay for slay.” This is a direct violation of American law. (

    4) You can read the White House’s own fact sheet from last summer spelling out all the funding they provided to the PA. These funds had been cut off under the Trump administration. (

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