Cedarhurst Trustee, Dan Plaut, Reflects on Veterans Day: Honoring Sacrifice & Gratitude For Our Heroes


Trustee Dan Plaut of the Village of Cedarhurst delivered a heartfelt message on this revered Veterans Day, acknowledging the selfless dedication and sacrifices of the nation’s veterans. Speaking passionately before the community, Trustee Plaut expressed profound gratitude for the men and women who have served and continue to serve the United States.

“Today is about gratitude, appreciation, and respect for the heroes who have donned the uniform and put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms,” stated Trustee Plaut. “It’s a day to recognize the countless sacrifices made by veterans and their families to ensure that the torch of liberty continues to burn brightly.”

In a poignant moment during his address, Trustee Plaut shared a deeply personal connection to the day, speaking proudly of his son, Sammy, who currently serves in the United States Marines. Plaut’s son, following the path of numerous honored veterans, embodies the commitment and dedication to defending the nation, filling his father with immense pride while emphasizing the shared responsibility of supporting servicemen and women.

“Our veterans have demonstrated unparalleled courage, facing challenges that most of us can only imagine,” Trustee Plaut affirmed. “It’s our duty to ensure they receive the respect and care they deserve.”

Expressing solidarity with military families, Trustee Plaut acknowledged the unique challenges they face, highlighting the unwavering support necessary for these families. He reinforced the community’s commitment to standing with veterans and their families, not just on Veterans Day, but every day.

As Trustee Plaut passionately concluded, “May we always be a community that stands with our veterans, recognizing that their service is a debt that can never truly be repaid.”

The Village of Cedarhurst echoes Trustee Dan Plaut’s sentiments, extending heartfelt gratitude to veterans and their families for their immeasurable sacrifices and unwavering dedication to the United States of America.


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