Mission Brief from LTC Richard Hecht: Monsters Under The Bad & Operational Updates


Most parents of daughters (I, myself, have two) go through similar experiences when raising little girls. First there’s an obsessions with sparkly unicorn dolls.

Then it’s the same Disney movies on repeat until you find yourself listening to their songs in the car even though they aren’t there.

But, of course, before that, there’s insisting that mom and dad check for monsters under the bed.

And looking at this room in Gaza, you’d be excused for thinking that everything would be normal inside:

Everything is not normal here.

Part of Hamas’ human shield strategy is to embed terrorist infrastructure in places that, when the IDF needs to operate there, their mere presence screams “illegitimate.” That’s the PR play behind their weapons in MRI rooms.

When they show these types of images, juxtaposed next to IDF troops, it seems absolutely ludicrous that we would need to send troops in.

But troops from the 551st Brigade looked for the monsters under the bed:

This is level of the evil we’re facing.

When we say Hamas uses children to protect their weapons, I can think of no better example than this video. Besides, maybe, this Islamic Jihad phone call we intercepted and are declassifying in which one operative tells the other to move missiles in…a baby stroller.

This isn’t just human shields. It’s baby shields. And it’s inexcusable.

Tomorrow I’ll share more about what I saw last night, when I took a few journalists with me to visit the Shifa Hospital. We are just now beginning to uncover just how much Hamas exploited the hospital.

Operational Updates

One important update. As we mentioned at the start of this war, our two primary goals are to dismantle Hamas – to prevent them from ever executing another attack like the one they did on October 7th – and to bring the 239 hostages home.

Yesterday the IDF located the bodies of two of the abducted Israelis:

Yehudit Weiss’s body was extracted by IDF troops from a structure near Shifa Hospital in which additional military equipment, including Kalashnikov rifles and RPG’s, were also located.

The body of an IDF soldier, Corporal Noa Marciano, who was abducted by the Hamas terrorist organization, was also extracted by IDF troops from a structure adjacent to the Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip and transferred to Israeli territory.

As I’ve said before, we will do everything in our power to bring our hostages home.

Southern Arena

Israeli Air Force jets struck the residence of Ismail Haniyeh, the Head of Hamas’ Political Bureau, which was used as terrorist infrastructure and often served as a meeting point for Hamas’ senior leaders.

During the takeover of the Shati camp over the last few days, IDF troops located and destroyed a Hamas naval forces weapons cache, containing diving gear, explosive devices, and weapons.

In a joint operation, soldiers of the 188th Armored Brigade, and Shayetet 13 (Israel’s equivalent of the Navy SEALs), took operational control of the Gaza harbor, which was controlled by the Hamas terrorist organization. 10 terror tunnel shafts and four structures used for terror were destroyed, and 10 terrorists were killed. All buildings in the harbor area were cleared.

Northern Arena

Following multiple attacks yesterday, including anti-tank fire, the IDF carried out strikes on Hezbollah terror targets in southern Lebanon. The targets included a number of military posts from which Hezbollah terrorists have been operating from.

IDF soldiers struck a terrorist cell in Lebanon that attempted to launch anti-tank missiles toward Israeli territory. Separately the IDF struck a terrorist who was operating in Lebanese territory, adjacent to the area of Shlomi in northern Israel.

Terrorists attempted to carry out a number of launches toward the area of Misgav Am in northern Israel, as well as IDF posts in the areas of Metula and Yiftah. No injuries were reported. In response, artillery fire was directed toward the sources of the launches.

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