Chasdei Hashem: Another Ten Israeli Hostages Released From Hamas


Per the IDF: A short while ago, the Red Cross transferred 12 hostages to Egypt (10 Israelis and 2 foreign workers). The released hostages‘ convoy is currently making its way through Egypt to the meeting point at Kerem Shalom.

The names of the released Israeli hostages:

Ditza Heiman (84)
Tamar Metzger (78)
Ada Sagi (75)
Noralin Babadila Agojo (60)
Rimon Kirsht Buchshtav (36)
Gabriela Leimberg (59)
Mia Leimberg (17)
Clara Marman (62)
Ofelia Roitman (77)
Meirav Tal (54)

Seventeen year old Mia Limburg being released with her family dog, who was also abducted:


Sickening footage below as terrorists and Palestinians yell and scream while hostages are finally being released. The 52 days of trauma was not enough:

Besuros Tovos!

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