Hostage Families Seek Justice: War Crimes Claim Against Hamas


More than 100 members of the hostages families filed a war crimes claim against the terror organization Hamas and its leaders to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague and stated:

“We came to demand justice. On October 7th we experienced a second holocaust. The human monsters who harmed us and the members of our family are the successors of Hitler, Eichmann, and Goebbels, people who have already been brought to justice.

They must be eradicated together with the idea that they spread of ​​collective annihilation. History will not repeat itself, we take our fate in our own hands and demand the justice we deserve.”

‘You cannot make any equivalent between what the Hamas is doing and what the state of Israel is doing’. Yuval Sasson, Fmr. Dep. to Israel’s State Attorney speaks with I24 News and breaks down the Hostage families’ complaint against Hamas at ICC from the Hague.

Footage from the Hague:


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