Successful Eliminations of Hamas Terrorists in Joint Ground, Naval and Aerial Activities


Over the past day, the IAF completed a series of strikes on terror targets in Gaza as part of assistance to the ground forces. During the strikes, underground terrorist infrastructure, military compounds, and launch posts belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization were struck.

In central Gaza, IDF troops eliminated several terrorists over the past day. In one of the operations, aerial and ground forces eliminated a Hamas commander of observational activities. In addition, an Israeli Navy ship identified terrorists approaching forces in the area, following which ground and naval forces struck and eliminated the terrorist cell.

IDF troops also struck Hamas terrorists in Gaza City and northern Gaza. Approximately 15 Hamas terrorists were killed, including terrorists who took part in the October 7th massacre, and a Hamas general security operative.

In Khan Yunis, IDF troops are continuing to kill terrorists and conduct targeted raids on terror targets. Over the past day, the IDF special forces located numerous weapons, including various guns, explosives, and additional military equipment. In addition, two enemy spotters were identified operating in the area adjacent to the forces, who directed an aircraft that struck and killed the terrorists.

In western Khan Yunis, IDF troops eliminated a number of terrorists with sniper and tank fire over the past day. In addition, the forces conducted targeted raids on terror targets in the area, and located AK-47 rifles, grenades, magazines, and explosives.

Attached is a Video of IDF Activity in Gaza: 

Attached is a Video of a Strike on a Terrorist who Fired an RPG at IDF Troops: 

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