Motsai Shabbos Updates: Israel, Iran, USA & Ukraine


Sgt. Noam Haba HY”D

Staff Sergeant Noam Haba, of the Paratroopers Brigade’s 202nd Battalion was killed in southern Gaza. Haba, 20, was from Jerusalem. In the battle in which he was killed, several others were wounded, one of them seriously. Haba’s uncle was killed in Gaza 35 years prior on an operational mission.

The War For Aid In Gaza Continues

Hamas has a new demand for Israel: Send aid into Gaza or no more hostage talks. Palestinian civilians are starving and deprived of essentials such as water and medicine. This announcement comes after a teen was shot and killed by Hamas police while trying to grab supplies from a shipment brought to the Rafah border. The incident sparked riots by Palestinians at the border. Aid groups have claimed that they are not receiving enough to supply the demand. Israel has accused humanitarian officials of not ensuring proper distribution.

Iran’s Gas Purportedly Hit By Israel

Two Iranian gas pipelines were blown up on Friday, in an attack suspected to be backed by Israel. 15% of Iran’s gas resource was cut off and millions were without heat. There has been no outright claim that Israel was involved, although there has been an increase in tension between the two countries since October 7. Israel had caused a separate explosion near a chemical plant in Iran the day before. Iran has recently publicized that they have created a new air defense system.

Middle East Neighbors: Friend or Foe?

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that Israel can potentially be welcomed and integrated into the Middle East by neighboring Arab countries. Blinken says this is possible due to the other countries wanting peace, but this may only come to fruition if an independent Palestinian state is created. “Virtually every Arab country now genuinely wants to integrate Israel into the region to normalize relations… to provide security commitments and assurances so that Israel can feel safer,” Blinken said at the recent Munich Security Conference.

“And there’s also, I think the imperative, that’s more urgent than ever, to proceed to a Palestinian state that also ensures the security of Israel.”

Despite Blinken’s best intentions, Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that Israel won’t allow such a state to exist and continues to call for “total victory”.

Ukraine-Russia Tide Turned

Ukraine has proven to be an unlikely strong force against Russian military might despite the ongoing invasion since February 2022. But as of Friday, Russia captured the Ukrainian city of Avdiika, a major blow to Ukraine and the biggest win for Russia since last May. Despite large amounts of Russian casualties throughout the four month battle for the city, their soldiers were replenished quickly and ensured victory. Ukraine’s head of armed forces said he “would rather retreat than sacrifice lives.” Critics have said that this loss for Ukraine is due to dwindling global interest and support.

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May it be a week of Besuros Tovos!

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