Tragic Update: Three Hostage Bodies Recovered From Rafah


The IDF has recovered the bodies of three hostages:

Amit Bouskila HY”D (28)
Shani Louk HY”D (23)
Itzhak Gelerenter HY”D (53)

The hostages were murdered on 10/7 while attempting to escape the Nova music festival, and their bodies were being held in Rafah.

Israeli operations reportedly remain in the area to recover more bodies of hostages. Special Forces & Shin Bet agents are deployed in search; the IDF is not revealing the location as not to risk forces. The intelligence which led to the rescue was from arrested Hamas members.

Fomer Ambassador David Friedman: “More bodies of hostages retrieved today by the IDF. This is Hamas — lacking all human decency to even report the status of the hostages let alone to free them. The trauma it has inflicted upon Israelis is immeasurable — but then that was its goal. Our grandparents defeated the Nazis, our mission is to eradicate Hamas and all radical Islamic terrorists. No matter how long it takes. We must do this for those who follow us. We owe them a world free of those who murder and torture our people. No matter how long it takes!”

May we hear Besuros Tovos!

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