R’ Rosner: Should You be Staying in Israel After Your Year in Seminary & Yeshiva?


The Israel Gap Year Podcast sat down with Rabbi Rosner to explore his journey of moving to Israel, leaving behind his community, and establishing a new one. Rabbi Rosner grew up in Far Rockaway, was a Rav for several years in Woodmere, and made Aliyah approximately 20 years ago.

Should Shana Alef students consider staying in Israel after their gap year, particularly with opportunities like Machon Lev’s English Beis Medrash now available?

Rabbi Rosner discusses his new role as the Rav of Machon Lev creating new opportunities for English-speaking students to get a degree in Israel.

Tune in as we uncover the possibilities and opportunities awaiting those who choose to make Israel their home.


  1. Unfortunately the seminary’s have all become businesses. What a shame they lost their way . All girls who want to go should get the help they need from their high school teachers and principals.. so many choices today , Iam sure there is a fit for a girl who is a round peg.

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