Tehillim Needed: Young Jewish Man Facing Execution in Iran R”L (Updated)


Monday Night, 5/20, Update: Not the update we were all hoping for now that the president of Iran has died.

It seems that the government of Iran still plans on moving ahead with the execution R”L.

Ambassador Deborah Lipstadt, U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism, tweeted the following update this afternoon:

“We are deeply concerned by reports that authorities in Iran plan to proceed with the execution of Arvin Ghahramani. We note with concern that Iranian authorities often subject Jewish citizens to different standards when it comes to determining judgements in cases of this nature. We once again urge the Iranian authorities to respect all fair trial guarantees and ensure fair application of the law.”

Please continue to storm the heavens for Hashem to save Arvin, Ervin Netanel ben Tziona.

May we hear Besuros Tovos!

Positive Update: According to the CEO of Tzedek, Iran has pushed off the execution one month from now which gives Klal Yisrael more time to continue Davening for a miracle!

“The court in Kermanshah, Iran, has granted a one-month postponement of the execution for the wrongly accused Jewish man. There is hope that justice will prevail, leading to his release and exoneration.”

May we hear the complete exoneration of this young man. Besuros Tovos.



We cannot remain silent. Twenty-year-old Jewish Iranian, Arvin Netanel, is facing imminent execution by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The reason? He loaned money to a Muslim who refused to repay him. When Arvin confronted him, the Muslim boy attempted to stab him. In self-defense, Arvin fought back, resulting in the boy’s death.

However, due to Arvin’s Jewish faith, Iranian law permits the Muslim boy’s family to demand the death penalty, which they are pursuing despite Arvin’s family offering a financial settlement. If the roles were reversed, a non-Muslim would not have the same right. This is a clear case of Islamic supremacy. Arvin’s mother has released a heartfelt plea for her son’s life.

According to reports in Iranian media, a 20-year-old Jewish man is facing execution by the Iranian regime on Shabbos.

The situation arose from a confrontation between the young man and a local non-Jew, resulting in the latter’s death.

Local authorities arrested the Jewish man, who was subsequently sentenced to death.

Efforts by the Jewish man’s family to compensate the slain man’s family were unsuccessful. Iranian law grants the victim’s family the authority to determine the punishment for the accused. However, they refused the compensation and are adamant about the death penalty for the Jewish man.

Officials and lawyers within the Iranian-Jewish community in the US are working to persuade the slain man’s family to reconsider their stance. However, as of the current information available, their position remains unchanged.

The family of the Jewish man has requested public Tefillos for Ervin Netanel ben Tziona.

It’s essential to note that details regarding this case are very fluid and unclear and we hope we can update the community with more positive information.

May we hear Besuros Tovos.


  1. WHY did he go back to Iran ESPECIALLY at a dangerously political time like this and pn top of that,lend money to a Muslim???!! What was he thinking??!!

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