Assemblyman Ari Brown Strongly Condemns The Antisemitic Bill Endorsed by AOC & Others


Assemblyman Ari Brown (R-Cedarhurst) strongly condemns the recent antisemitic endorsement by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Assemblymember Zohran Mamdani of the “Not On Our Dime! Ending New York Funding of Israeli Settler Violence Act.” This bill, which seeks to strip tax-exempt status from charities supporting Israeli settlements or actions
deemed illegal by the International Criminal Court (ICC), is a blatant attack on the Jewish community, a blatant statement of support for Islamic terrorism and an affront to longstanding U.S. support for Israel.

“This bill is nothing short of antisemitic,” said Brown. “It unjustly targets Jewish charities and seeks to undermine the vital support these organizations provide to communities in Israel. By pushing this legislation, AOC and Mamdani are intentionally promoting a dangerous agenda that singles out Israel and Jewish groups while ignoring the fact that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that is a democracy, and the only country in the region that lets all people, from all races and religions, be part of society, become property owners and become elected members of government.”

The bill’s primary sponsors, both affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), have aligned themselves with a movement that consistently seeks to delegitimize Israel and “reimagine” (code word for destroy) everything good and decent, i.e., America and Israel. If passed, this legislation would harm numerous charitable organizations that have long contributed to the well-being of Israeli citizens and the broader Jewish community. “It is deeply concerning that AOC and her squad, anti-American, antisemitic allies, are using their political platforms to foster division and hate,” Brown continued. "Their actions are not only counterproductive but also harmful to the strong relationship between New York’s Jewish community and the broader state population. We must stand united against such discriminatory policies and ensure our laws reflect our commitment to justice and equality for all.”

Brown urges his colleagues in the New York State Assembly and Senate to reject this bill and reaffirm their support for the Jewish community and the state of Israel. He calls on all New Yorkers to recognize the importance of maintaining charitable support for all communities without succumbing to biased and politically motivated attacks. “We cannot allow misguided and prejudiced legislation to undermine the principles of fairness and mutual respect that define our state. I will continue to stand with our Jewish
community and oppose the corruptors of decency who look to strip away the rights and support of our only true ally in the region,” Brown concluded.

Below AOC joins Zohran Mamdani to support his bill that would penalize New York-based nonprofits that support activities in Israeli settlements.

Majority of Dems in legislature oppose the “Not on Our Dime” bill, some describe it as “antisemitic”.


  1. This bill would never go anywhere and has very little support. Instead of grandstanding, maybe Ari Brown can tackle sky-high taxes and fight the county’s efforts to extend County’s red light program and it’s 150 dollar “special fees”?

  2. I don’t know if this ANONYMOUS is the same one who always criticizes Ari Brown. I on the other hand do appreciate the posting that highlights AOC and Co. That are always trying to cause harm to Israel and the Jewish people. 10/8’s explosion of antisemitism shocked the world and the Jewish people. No guarantee that this vile bill can’t possibly pass.

  3. I’m hoping that AOC runs against Chuckles in 2026 and beats him in the primary. Any Republican candidate will beat AOC.

    Notice that AOC is immune to personal criticism? That’s what AOC means – Always Opposes Criticism.

  4. While “ANONYMOUS” has the right to his/ her opinion, the point is that the Democrat Majority in both State and Federal will never censure or rebuke these DSA, they live and act in abject fear of being primaried; and that is why it is up to us to call them out at every turn.
    As far as the red light cameras and bus cameras, I’m with you 100%, working on some legislation.

  5. AOC, is so jealous of us Jews, that just a few years ago she told some reporters that she has a Sephardic Jewish background! When the truth came out that she was a bartender ( and far from having our smart, resourceful Jewish gene), her fury turned her into what she is today: an empty bag…..

  6. Never in our lifetimes did we ever see, or expect to see, such blatant and widespread anti-Semitism in the US, let alone NYS. We should be so grateful to Hashem for putting in the Assembly a person as determined, eloquent and fair-minded as Ari Brown.

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