Hillel Fuld: USA Offering Condolences for Death of Ebrahim Raisi is “Shameful, Nauseating & Disgusting”


“Not many things can shock me in today’s day and age. The moral compass of the western world was lost a long time ago.

When Biden back stabbed Israel, I was disappointed, but far from surprised.

When the ICC compared Netanyahu to Sinwar, I was disappointed, but far from surprised.

When the UN gave a moment of silence for the death of a mass murderer who killed thousands, I was disappointed, but far from surprised.

But this? The state department of the United States of America putting out a statement offering condolences for the death of Ebrahim Raisi, man who was directly responsible for the death of thousands, probably tens of thousands?

This genuinely shocked me to my core.

Maybe it shouldn’t have. But it did.

How is this even possible? What has happened to the America that I grew up in, the America that took care of my family after the Holocaust? What happened to what was once the greatest country on earth? How did we get here?

This shocks me, but even more than the shock, it makes me deeply sad to see America lose its way.

Make no mistake, this man was one of the leading terrorists of our generation and a mass murderer. In addition to the thousands he directly murdered, he was responsible for all the Iran proxies around the world, proxies that killed hundreds of thousands.

This statement is a historic travesty and a moral disaster.

The Biden administration needs to go away and fast. And as they walk away from the Oval Office, they should walk with their head bowed in shame.

This is shameful and nauseating. Truly disgusting.”


  1. Hillel Fuld is clearly an idiot. Did he actually read the text of the note, or did he simply see something with the word “condolence” and “USA” and throw a temper tantrum?

    The death of a head of state, and the message doesn’t come from the WH, it doesn’t come from the Secretary of State… it comes from a functionary in the press office of the State department. It’s completely passive-aggressive, noting the death but expressing no sorrow.. AND it effectively calls for regime change in its “hope” for the next election.

    Look at history: this is not particularly different from how the US gov’t reacted to the death of Stalin in the middle of the Cold War. By any real measure, this message is a direct insult to Iran and to Raisi.

    But no. Hillel Fuld is gonna throw a hissy fit because he’s an expert in international relations and foreign diplomacy.

    Of course, the saddest thing of all: had the exact same message come from a Trump administration, Fuld (and probably a bunch of the readers of this website) would have been slapping each other’s backs and proclaiming the amazing “shtuch” the administration sent out.

    Grow up.

  2. Fuld has put out a lot of misinformation and posed with a local convicted felon. I applaud where he is coming from but he needs to keep his facts straight.

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