Hostage Family Visits Nassau: Legislator Mazi Melesa Pilip’s Heartfelt Plea for Hostage Support


A hostage family visited Nassau County, and Legislator Mazi Melesa Pilip expressed deep empathy and support for the Neutra family, whose son Omer is among the hostages. She urged everyone to Daven for all the hostages and to take action by contacting elected representatives to maintain pressure for their release. Pilip emphasized the importance of raising awareness by discussing the plight of the hostages, like Omer Neutra, with others. She highlighted that the efforts of rallies and public actions are meaningful and heard by the hostages.

Here is her letter:

“Today, I want to talk about the hostages and, in particular, Omer Neutra. Over many months, I have spoken and listened to the Neutra family. I can’t even begin to emotionally understand or fathom the feelings they have and what they go through hour by hour, minute by minute and day by day. I honestly don’t know where they get their strength. They are in my prayers and I send them my love every day as I know all of you do too.

I would like to ask everyone today to pray for all the hostages, the Neutra family and their son- Omer. I would also like to ask you to do a couple more things to help ALL the hostages. Call all of your elected representatives and ask them to continue to put pressure from every angle to help free them. Next, speak about the hostages with someone you see today. Tell them there are babies, a Holocaust survivor, elderly as well as young people being held captive. Let them know their neighbor Omer is one of those very hostages. Tell them what has happened and how long they have been held by H@mas.

What you will no doubt find is that many people don’t know. It hurts to say that, but by speaking the truth you are doing something- you are educating and bringing awareness.

Lastly, let me add this- when the four hostages were rescued by the IDF, each of them said that they heard about the rallies, walks and everything being done on their behalf. We must continue our work every day. Our actions mean something. To the Neutra family, and all the families of the hostages- we love you and we won’t stop until you come home.”


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