Breaking News: Mayor-Elect Sam Nahmias Claims Victory in a 20-Point Win


The race for Mayor of Lawrence was a very close and contested race!

After many hours of tallying up the votes and absentee ballots, the numbers are in!

Congratulations to Mayor elect Sam Nahmias on his victory over Paris Popack today.

Nahmias ended with 889 votes, Popack with 864 votes.


  1. Really not menschlich. Paris should have won. Not appropriate to say that Mrs. Roz’s “abuse” is “over” because Nahmias won. Hope taxes don’t increase like the bridge tolls did!

  2. Paris ran a very dirty campaign targeting Nahmias. Had an utter idiot named Mike Hatten, and out white paper hit job on Nahmias that was FAKE news!!!! I didn’t vote for her because of that white paper and her association with Mike Hatten. Linda

  3. I also didn’t vote for her because of that hit job. Very sad to do dirty politics against NCBA Chairman Nahmias. That guy fixt the bridge authority and is a philanthropist. The County Executive has to make a statement that Hatten’s letter was a lie. So sad….

  4. Linda and Sarah are clearly the same person. Nahmias raised tolls and will do so for Village taxes. The NCBA was extremely intransparent with its finances and didn’t care what we had to say because they were picked by Blakeman not the voters. Guess you enjoyed Nahmias’s kiddushes.

  5. Nachmias is rotten to the core! I wouldn’t be surprised with him leaving this position in handcuffs!

  6. How many of these votes were ballot harvested??
    NYS Senate and Hochul screwed up local elections in the frum communities by allowing mail in ballots!

  7. Paris is amazing. I can’t believe she lost. She donated her money to the fire department to keep us safe and made a kosher restaurant at the golf club for us to enjoy. She made special events and redid the local park. Paris for Mayor!!

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