Report: White House Scraps Key Meeting with Israel Following Controversial Claims


The White House this morning canceled a high-level meeting with Israeli officials in response to a video released by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In the video, Netanyahu accused the United States of withholding military assistance from Israel, according to a report.

Senior advisers to President Biden were reportedly taken aback and infuriated by Netanyahu’s assertions that the U.S. had restricted the supply of weapons and ammunition to Israel. An Israeli official informed Axios, “The Americans are fuming. Bibi’s video caused a lot of damage.”

Shortly after the video went public, U.S. envoy Amos Hochstein conveyed a personal message to Netanyahu, stating that his claims were inaccurate and inappropriate.

Following this incident, the White House decided to cancel a Thursday meeting concerning Iran, sources from both the U.S. and Israel told Axios.

“This action demonstrates that there are repercussions for such actions,” remarked one U.S. official.

Netanyahu, speaking in English, declared it “unthinkable that in the recent months, the administration has been holding back weapons and ammunition from Israel.”

In response, the White House expressed bewilderment over Netanyahu’s statements, with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stating that only one shipment of weapons had been delayed since the beginning of the conflict.

Officials within the Biden Administration were reportedly incensed by Netanyahu’s comments. Jean-Pierre said (video below), “We genuinely do not know what he is talking about.”

Despite the canceled meeting, several Israeli officials were already en route to Washington when the news broke, according to the report.

While two U.S. officials confirmed that the meeting’s cancellation was intended to send a message regarding the video, another official indicated that the meeting was postponed due to a scheduling issue, not outright canceled.
This marks the second instance where an Iran strategic dialogue meeting was abruptly called off. In March, Netanyahu canceled a meeting after the U.S. did not veto a UN Security Council resolution that mentioned a ceasefire in Gaza.

Despite the current diplomatic tensions between Biden and Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister is still expected to address a joint session of Congress on July 24.


  1. I’m sure Bibi is talking about that one shipment in particular the U.S. is holding back.That shipment is crucial for the IDF.

  2. You’re probably right, Suzy,, except that one shipment (The only shipment to be delayed) was released and delivered to Israel weeks ago.

  3. Obviously it’s the one shipment that the US has been holding back these past 2 months that is vital to Israel. Cancelling a strategic meeting about Iran in indignance of Bibi’s factual statement is just more proof that this administration is willing to sacrifice Israel and appease Iran for what it perceives as votes in the next election.

  4. Why, Bibi – there is still 1 shipment of heavy bombs that have been withheld, that is crucial to Israel to finish the war more quickly.

  5. I agree with the above statement. This administration will sacrifice Israel in a heartbeat and is sacrificing Israel’s security and ability to finish the job in Rafah, all for Michigan’s votes.

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