Summer Welcomes 100% Increase in Olim from the US


As many families consider moves to new locations during the summer months, Israel is awaiting a huge influx of new olim who are eager to show their solidarity by moving to Israel.

Although one might expect aliyah rates to drop dramatically because of the ongoing war, global antisemetism and increased Jewish pride are causing a huge wave of immigration this summer.

Since the horrible massacre on October 7, over 6,500 people have completed the aliyah process, not including the large amounts of incoming applications still being worked on from all over the world. After the war began, aliyah applications increased by 100% from the United States, 150% from Canada, 300% from France and 40% from the UK.

In a statement, the Minister of Aliyah and Integration Ofir Sofer said, “There are those who sought to uproot us from our land and they will see aliyah. At the end of the day, Israel is the national homeland of the Jewish people.”

The distressing nature and terrible tragedy of the current war have caused aliyah inquiries to skyrocket beyond levels ever seen before, as Jews from across the globe unite in solidarity with Israel. Combine that with the antisemetism raging throughout even countries once thought to be safe havens for Jews, Israel is preparing to welcome many new individuals and families this summer.

Many new olim report feeling they are doing their duty for the Jewish people by making aliyah during this difficult time for our people. They want to show their support for Israel and embrace their Jewish identity. In addition to individual olim and families, many new olim have come to join the heroic IDF in defending the State of Israel. May Hashem keep them safe and may all our soldiers and the hostages return home soon.

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