Halachos Of Tisha B’Av, and Tisha B’Av That Fell Out On Shabbos
By: Rav Tzvi Yaakov Stein

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Shabbos Tisha B’av

Erev Shabbos
Regular showers can be taken. Cooler is better
No touring etc.

Shabbos guests that you normally have over are allowed
All foods are allowed
No marital relations unless it’s Mikva night or if the husband was out of town. Touching is allowed
Regular learning is allowed until chatzos on Shabbos. After that, Tisha B’av learning is preferable. However if you’re going to end up wasting time then it’s better to learn regular subjects
After chatzos, no Shabbos walks etc.

Seudas shlishis
a regular meal is served
Even meat is allowed
No eating ashes etc.
Usual guests are allowed
Eating has to be done by sunset
Pills and/or vitamins to help you fast are allowed to be taken on Shabbos
All other restrictions don’t start until after Shabbos is over

Motzai Shabbos
Say baruch hamavdil bein kodesh lechol
Change clothes, shoes
Bracha on Fire is made in shul before maariv. If women are going to stay home then the Bracha on fire should be made by a man at home
No havdala until Sunday night
If one isn’t fasting then havdala is made before eating. No hinei kel etc. No Bracha on besamim is made
Women who aren’t fasting can either: 1- make havdala themselves on coffee or beer. 2- have a man make havdala for them and she drinks it. 3- she davens maariv and says atah chonantanu in the Bracha of chonen hadaas and then she can eat. Then she’ll hear havdala Sunday night
Dirty dishes from Shabbos should preferably not be washed unless they smell etc.
If the dishes will be washed then it’s preferable to use gloves.
Children can be bathed but it’s preferable to use gloves

Tisha Bav
All restrictions start at sunset

No eating
Medicine in pill form is allowed
If liquid is necessary for the medicine, less than an ounce of liquid is allowed

No washing
In the morning and after using the bathroom, wash only up to the end of the knuckles
washing to remove dirt is allowed
Washing hands for food preparation is allowed but better to use gloves
No smearing ointments unless it’s for healing purposes
Deodorant is allowed
Bug spray is allowed
Mouthwash and brushing teeth is allowed if one is in extreme discomfort
It’s preferable not to use makeup

No leather shoes
if there’s just a little leather in the shoes for style then it’s allowed
Crocs etc. are allowed
If it’s muddy etc. then shoes can be worn if there’s no other options

No relations
no sleeping in the same bed
No touching at night
Harchakos don’t have to be kept.

Sunday night
Havdala is made before eating. No Bracha is made on fire or besamim
Havdala should be made on coffee or beer
No drinking wine or eating meat
Laundry, haircuts, and showers are allowed right after the fast
Better not to listen to music but it’s allowed.

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