How to Brace for the Heat Wave in New York City

News Source: NYTIMES

You are about to experience the hottest days of the year.

How hot is it going to be this weekend?

It may feel north of 100 degrees. One meteorologist called the heat “dangerous.” It’s going to be so hot that Mayor de Blasio canceled his presidential campaign events to stay in the city.

Here’s what else you need to know:

How hot will it be?

Today, the temperature was expected to be near 91 degrees. It may feel more like 101, according to the National Weather Service.

Tomorrow, the high could exceed 97 degrees, and it may feel like 111.

Sunday’s high may surpass 95 degrees, and it could feel like 107. Rain and thundershowers might pop up that evening.

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[What is the heat index? Is it the heat, the humidity, or both?]

A heat wave is defined as three consecutive days of temperatures that reach or exceed 90 degrees.

By Monday, the heat is expected to break.

Is this heat wave a big deal?


“This is going to be the hottest stretch of weather we’ve had so far this summer,” Jay Engle, a meteorologist at the Weather Service, said. He called the heat wave “dangerous.”

Jaime Madrigano, a public health policy researcher at the RAND Corporation, went further, warning in an interview that “people die every year from heat waves.”

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She added that “staying cool in a heat wave is not just a luxury; it’s actually about protecting health.”


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