Shiur In Honor Of Mrs. (Morah) Miriam Adler, a”h

The Far Rockaway and Five Towns community mourns the petirah of Mrs. (Morah) Miriam Adler, a”h. Mrs. Adler, the daughter of Lillian, a”h, and Leslie Hirtz, a”h, and the wife of Rabbi Menachem Adler and mother to Chaya Shira, Leah and Esther Adler, a noted and beloved mechaneches, was niftar on Tuesday, July 9th/ Vav Tamuz. Mrs. Adler’s ancestors emigrated to the U.S. from Germany over 150 years ago and settled in Virginia, Maryland and New York and have consistently been shomer Torah u’mitzvos.

Mrs. Adler attended seminary at Bais Yaakov of Jerusalem and Rika Breuers Teachers Seminary, after which she taught high school girls for thirty-five years, first at Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch and then at Torah Academy for Girls in Far Rockaway, NY.

Mrs. Adler had tremendous yiras shamayim, and ahavas torah, and a wonderful sense humor which she demonstrated throughout her life and over and over again during the past several months that she was ill, which gave strength to all who loved her. Mrs. Adler’s love for teaching was an inspiration. She impacted hundreds of high school students, and all of whom she came into contact with, which was reinforced through the many stories that were told and through the letters that were received as the family observed Shiva this past week at the Adler home.

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