The New Ohr Meir Night Seder Experience!

We all know young men in the Five Towns who went to local high schools, then to Israel for a year or two, and are back home and busy. Some are in school during the day or, working/interning. They love and appreciate Torah learning and Yeshiva but don’t really have a good “situation” – something to be a part of. The Ohr Meir Night Seder is a revolution that was launched after Labor Day by Rabbi Aryeh Dachs and Rabbi Yonah Stern. It’s a Bais Medrash program for local young men in their late teen/the early twenties. The program is housed in Congregation Ohr Torah in North Woodmere and will soon debut in the newly remodeled bais Medrash there.

Every weeknight the Bais Medrash is open and available with a variety of shiurim, experienced Kollel chavrusos, and a great environment. Food is served every night, and there is no commitment to join!

Rabbi Dachs has experience with this sort of programming; Over six years ago, he launched the famed YLX program for teenagers. The model proved to be very successful and is now the framework for the Ohr Meir Night Seder. Rabbi Yonah Stern served as a Rebbe and assistant Menahel in Mesivta Yam Hatorah. His close connection to his students is evidenced by the droves of former students that come out to join his shiur at the Night Seder. Rabbi Dachs explains, “the idea is that no matter your level or your interest you have a place to go learn and down to earth Rebbeim to connect to. We have super high-level learning alongside the most basic, you can come once or twice a week or every night…the learning framework is there, the guys are there, we have fantastic Rebbeim, it’s incredible!”

Ohr Meir looks forward to expanding programming to include trips, shabbosim together, and other events to add inspiration and excitement.

For more information contact Rabbi Dachs: 410.258.5134 or Rabbi Stern: 718.715.8078 or email:

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