How one rebbi inspired his talmidim to learn how to learn Gemorah!

The journey of haschalas gemarah is daunting for any boy in yeshiva: a new language, unfamiliar grammar, foreign concepts and a set of logic that is quite challenging. It’s like being in 1st grade all over again! 
Of course, those of us who have successfully navigated this journey know how worthwhile it is, and appreciate how our lives have been eternally transformed through the learning of Gemorah. But have we forgotten the experience of the journey itself?  Perhaps it was that first good grade that gave us confidence. Or maybe just an encouraging word that carried us through. 
Baruch Hashem boys throughout the Torah world have made tremendous strides in learning. Whether in terms of their skill set, confidence, or personal enjoyment of learning, it has truly been transformative. 
This song was inspired by, and is in honor of, this hard fought journey and the success that has been achieved. We invite you to experience the ride along with us. We hope you enjoy!
Rebbi, songwriter and producer: Rabbi Yehoshua Meltzer, 6th grade rebbi in Mechina Toras Avraham, Yeshiva of South Shore
Talmidim:  Azriel BaraffMoshe BaronMatis Berkowitz Akiva Boehm Daniel BoimYitzchok GallerEzra GlassGavi GoodmanDovid HirschAsher IsaacsMoshe KrausYechiel LivshitzMendy MarkusAzi MerrillGavriel RubinAdir SacknovitzSruli SiegelChesky SingerAvi Slomnicki Yosef SteinerBinyamin SzlafrokShua WeinbergAvraham WeissYonatan WisemanEzra Zucker.
Rosh Yeshiva: Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky 
Menahel: Rabbi Zev Davidowitz
Music: Rabbi Shlomo Drebin
Recorded at: STUDIO MUSIC
Video by: YKIMAGES 
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