Yeshiva Sh'Or Yoshuv - Hachnasas Sefer Torah

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This past Tuesday night, the community got together for a Hachnoses Sefer Torah Li’iluy Neshmas Reb Moshe Orlansky Z”L. The procession started at the Orlansky home and was lead to Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv, where Reb Moshe had davened for many years. Many in the community wanted to participate and donated to the Gofundme page L”IN Reb Moshe Z”L.

From the fundraiser page:

Dear Family & Friends,

Our hearts are filled with great sorrow over the loss of our dear father; the head of our family, Reb Refoel Moshe ben R’ Yisroel A”H. Our father, Reb Moshe (“Aba”) A”H, was a person who was larger than life in every respect! He had a tremendous love for תורה and great כבוד for תלמידי חכמים . His warm smile and shining countenance brought שמחה to whomever he encountered making everyone feel special and treasured. Throughout the years our father was a בעל יסוריםwhose staunch אמונה and בטחון never wavered. There was never a complaint as to why Hashem gave him these יסורים, all he ever asked was “what is Hashem’s message to me?” and how he could better himself.

Our father was a ״בן ישיבה״ to the fullest extent. He was the בעל תפילה ,בעל קורא and גבאי in Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv for many years. His sweet voice and נוסח elevated the תפילה to the next level and inspired the מתפללים in the most significant way. He always felt privileged and honored to serve the Shor Yoshuv קהילה and took great pride in being עוסק בצרכי צבור באמונה. He was a big בעל חסד with the most generous heart who loved to give and share with others unassumingly. Our father had so many facets to his personality, yet above all he had a tremendous אהבת ישראל and would relate to each person big or small on their own level.

As we rise from שבעה we would like to commemorate the memory of our dear father, grandfather and husband in the most befitting way by writing a ספר תורה. With Hashem’s help this will be an everlasting tribute to a man who dedicated his life to תורה and אידישקייט

We are asking our dear family and friends to join us in this great mitzvah by contributing to this very worthy cause and helping us honor the legacy of our father, Reb Refoel Moshe ben R’ Yisroel A”H.

Thank you and תזכו למצוות

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