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Avrohom Elimelech Biderman
1 Hoshea Street
Bnei Brak
22 Tammuz 5779

I hereby express my praise of the incredible Rabbonim Geonim who study the Torah
of Hashem by day and by night, with extreme diligence and clear understanding, with in-
depth and all-encompassing knowledge of the entire Shas, year after year. They are
also outstanding in their middos tovos.

These are the scholars of the Shas Yiden Kolel Network under the leadership of my
dear and esteemed friend, who raises the standard of Torah in our generation, the
Gaon Harav Avrohom Halevi Eisen, shlit”a, the Pozna Rov.

What amazed me was to behold the power of the Torah of these Rabbonim
Geonim. With my own eyes, I saw how they were quizzed ‘by heart’ in all the
sections of Shas, and were able to answer each and every question on each topic
in a manner that was both amazing and intimidating, together with referencing the
exact page in Shas. Had I not witnessed such competence with my own eyes, I
would not have believed it possible.

There is certainly an incredible zchus to be a supporter of these Shas Yiden
Kolelim, the likes of which we have never ever heard before.

Praised is the person who is zoche to have a cheilek in their Torah, as there is
no doubt that this tzedaka is both exceedingly great and important. Especially to
those who are zoche to be faithful partners with them in a “Yissachar-Zevulun”
pact — one cannot adequately describe or even estimate how great is their
goodness and cheilek, both in this world in the World-to-Come.

I hereby give my brocha to all those who participate and have a cheilek in
maintaining this Torah study, that they should be zoche to have good parnossa, good
children, good shidduchim, refuos and yeshuos in whatever they need. They should be
zoche to all the brochos that are written and stated in the Torah — Amen and may it be
His will.

Written and signed for the honor of the Torah and it scholars

Avrohom Elimelech Biderman

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