Motsai Shabbos Updates: Additional Body Recovered in Rafah R”L


Besides the previous 3 hostage bodies recovered from Rafah on Friday, 1 additional hostage body has been recovered and identified:

Ron Binyamin HY”D.

Ron went out for a bike ride on the morning of Oct 7 when the attack began. The father of two was taken hostage and murdered by terrorists.

May his family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

There are rumors of additional bodies that were recovered and are still being identified. Apparently the condition is making identification extremely difficult.

War Cabinet / National Unity leader MK Gantz gives PM Netanyahu an ultimatum:

“While the IDF soldiers fight bravely, some of our leaders behave cowardly. War is won with determination and strength on the battlefield, but war is also won with a strategic compass.

In order for us to fight shoulder to shoulder, the War Cabinet must adopt an unequivocal strategy by June 8:

1. Return the kidnapped.
2. Destroy Hamas
3. Not Israeli control of Gaza the day after.
4. The return of all residents of the north by September 1
5. Rehabilitation of the southern settlements.

We will give the people of Israel a horizon of hope, restore Israeli strength and prepare all the necessary military systems. We will have to resign from the government if Netanyahu does not choose the path of unity and strength.”

(Amit Segal) The conditions that Gantz lays out for the strategic plan:

1. To return home our hostages.
2. To topple the rule of Hamas, manage the Gaza Strip and ensure Israeli security control.
3. Along with maintaining Israeli security control, establish an American-European-Arab-Palestinian administration that will civil manage the Strip and lay the foundation for a future alternative that is not Hamas or Palestinian Authority/Abbas.
4. Return the residents of the north to their homes by September 1 and restore the Western Negev.
5. Promote normalization with Saudi Arabia as part of a comprehensive move that will create an alliance with the free world and the Arab world against Iran.
6. Adopt a service outline that will result in all Israelis serving the state and contributing to the national effort.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan will arrive in Israel on Sunday and meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Kerem Shalom cargo terminal is closed to aid entry (following multiple attacks by Hamas).

Hamas Regarding Aid Pier: “We reject any presence of military force in our territory. This is not an alternative to opening all land crossings under Palestinian supervision.” Cost of the pier: US$ 400 million.

East Rafah: 50 Hamas terrorists eliminated by tank forces plus 80 more by Givati brigade. Hundreds of other sites, including tunnel shafts and rocket launchers destroyed as well.

See footage below:

Israel has uncovered 50 tunnels in Rafah leading to Egypt, a revelation long suspected by many in Israel but now presented as undeniable evidence to the world. This discovery explains Egypt’s stance in joining the ICJ against Israel and opposing the Rafah operation.

The unearthing of these tunnels, along with the discovery of hostages’ bodies, highlights the reasons behind pro-Hamas opposition to the Rafah operation.

May we hear Besuros Tovos.

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