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WATCH LIVE: Active Shooter In Jersey City; 2 Gunmen Shooting At Cops, 1 Officer Down

There was an active shooter situation unfolding in Jersey City on Tuesday afternoon. The incident began around 12:40 p.m. local time.

According to scanner traffic, two gunmen were firing at police officers and random people. The gunmen are reportedly shooting from inside a bodega located at 223 Martin Luther King Drive near Bidwell Avenue. The suspects are reportedly one man and one woman. At least one police officer was shot in the head.

Police say the two arrived with a U-Haul van and had long-guns. A SWAT team was responding and police snipers were posted on rooftops.

View video and live coverage below:

Image Source: Patch


Up to 3 inches of snow possible Wednesday; could bring messy commute, school delays

A storm that’s bringing rain and a wintry mix to Long Island to start the week could deliver a burst of snowfall Wednesday morning, potentially making for a messy commute.

News 12 Long Island meteorologists say Tuesday is expected to see drizzle and fog in the morning followed by afternoon rain, which may be heavy at times. High temperatures will be in the mid-50s.

Temperatures are expected to plummet Tuesday night, with lows in the low-30s. Rain is expected before midnight, and will change into snow by the morning.

Light to moderate snow is expected between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. Wednesday; and light wet snow with a few moderate bursts is expected between 7 a.m. and noon. This may lead to a slushy coating on the roads, which could cause headaches during the early morning commute…


Ron Lauder to establish antisemitism watchdog providing $25 million

Jewish philanthropist and World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauder has announced that he is going to establish a new organization to fight antisemitism in the political and academic field and that he has set aside $25 million from his personal funds for this purpose.

Lauder revealed his new initiative in an interview with The New York Times, which was published on Monday. Called the Antisemitism Accountability Project, or A.S.A.P., the project was described by WJC president as both an NGO and a super PAC, with the mission of targeting politicians at any level who engage in antisemitic discourse.

“Although I am a lifelong Republican, antisemitism knows no political party. I’m going after the Right as well as the Left,” he told the Times, mentioning as an example Steve King, a Republican congressman from Iowa who in the past, has often expressed positions close to white supremacist ones…


Avrumi Friedman shares his thoughts as BH the perp is now in custody!

So many things have transpired and so many thoughts floated through my head since last night. Let me start off by letting you all know that the perp has been arrested and is in the custody of the NCPD. He will be arraigned in the morning. A big shout out and thanks to the wonderful detective who took this case on and was really the consummate professional, taking our statements and following through on the arrest and pressing charges.

I appreciate all of the support I have received since posting the video…


Report: Mount Sinai Hospital’s Emergency Room “Unacceptable In A First-Class Medical Center”

Mount Sinai Hospital is considered one of the best hospitals in the country — but its emergency department is allegedly a “war zone” and a danger to the very patients it is trying to save, according to a report by the New York Post.

Nurses at the hospital recalled patients going into cardiac arrest without anyone noticing, others not being admitted to the critical care area because it was too full and staffers losing track of their patients. The nurses claimed that obsession with profits and staff shortages had led to a deterioration in medical care at the emergency department.

“You feel helpless because there’s nothing you can do,” said Diamond Jordan, a former Mount Sinai registered nurse who quit in September.

Dr. Eric Barton, former head of emergency departments for the Mount Sinai hospital network, said he quit in July 2018 after less than a year at the helm because “I had to follow my moral compass and leave and decide this is not an organization that cares for patients…


Chareidi Marathon Mother Withdraws From Olympic Race After It Is Rescheduled To Shabbat

Chareidi marathon sensation Beatie Deutsch, a mother of five from Jerusalem who has won a string of marathons in Israel, says she will not participate in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, since the event is slated to be held on Shabbat.

Deutsch recently won the National Half Marathon championship and also placed first in the Jerusalem Marathon last year. She has been training intensively in preparation for the Olympics but after she was informed that the main event had been rescheduled and would take place on Shabbat, she decided to back off.

“I felt like I was punched in the stomach,” she posted on her Instagram page, telling her followers that she had checked the date of her race long ago to make sure she could participate. “But, the truth is I am more than OK,” Deutsch added.

Deutsch, who runs in a skirt and head-covering in consonance with her religious lifestyle, said that until now she had not encountered major conflicts in maintaining her lifestyle and training as a top athlete…

Image Source: AP Photo/Steve Luciano


NYC Set to Require 'Bird-Friendly' Glass on New Construction

New York City lawmakers are poised to adopt legislation requiring “bird-friendly” glass on all new construction in an effort to cut down on the tens of thousands of birds who die flying into the city’s buildings every year.

New York will be the largest city in the nation to require glass that is visible to birds if the measure passes. Several California cities including San Francisco and Oakland have adopted similar rules.

Groups that monitor bird populations said they are thrilled at the prospect of the legislation’s adoption in New York City.

“Long term this stands to have a significant impact on the birds that live in and are passing through our city,” Chris Allieri, a board member of the Wild Bird Fund, said Saturday. “I think it will significantly reduce the number of window collisions for birds in newly constructed buildings.”

New York City Audubon estimates that 90,000 to 230,000 birds from hawks to hummingbirds are killed every year from flying into New York City buildings…

Image Credit: LCFD / Patch


Woman hit by truck in Cedarhurst on Dec. 6th

Patch Reporter Jeff Bessen reports: A woman was struck by white-colored pickup truck at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Central Avenue between Cedarhurst and Lawrence a 1:10 p.m. on Dec. 6, according to Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department Chief James McHugh.

The woman was taken to Jamaica Hospital by LCFD ambulance. McHugh reported that she was in serious condition.

Nassau County police also responded and are investigating.


BREAKING: Avrumi Fridman told "The nazis will kill you" in our local costco on Rockaway Turnpike

NyScanner Reports: This happened in the @Costco in Lawrence, NY when a Jewish man was verbally assaulted by a neo-Nazi threatening to pull out a gun, attack him. If you know this man, please contact the Nassau County Police Department.

5TC will follow up with more details.


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13 Organizations Are Collaborating On A One-day Business Summit For Jewish Entrepreneurs On December 10th In Staten Island

Driven to take your business or concept to the next level? TribeWorks is hosting a one-day business launch pad for early stage startups. Designed to foster learning, inspiration and networking, this dynamic 8-hour event brings together innovators from across the Jewish world.

LEARN from industry leaders and experts. Be INSPIRED by visionaries and founders. NETWORK with VC’s and buyers.


..And so much more!


Haley suggests Canada made 'deal with the devil' by backing anti-Israel UN resolution

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley suggested this week that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government had made a “deal with the devil” in a recent decision to back an anti-Israel resolution at the U.N.

“I speak from experience when I say the United Nations presents many such opportunities to strike a deal with the devil,” she said at a U.N. Watch gala in New York on Thursday.

She was telling the audience about how it is often “easier not to rock the boat” instead of standing up to “the mob” and cited the Canadian vote as an example of “this cultural corruption playing out in real time.”

“Canada has been, for a long time, balanced and fair-minded towards Israel at the United Nations. It has opposed the pull of the anti-Israel culture,” she said…

Image Credit: Boropark 24


NYPD Releases Grisly Video of Train Station Assault of Two Female Israeli Soldiers

Two female Israeli tourists got an unfortunate glimpse of the American underworld early Thursday morning when they were beaten and robbed at a Brooklyn train depot.

The incident unfolded shortly after midnight when the two women, one of whom is 20-years-old and the other 21, were going up the stairs at the “F” train station on Avenue I and McDonald. Grisly footage of the encounter disseminated by police showed two black teenagers, one male and one female, suddenly attack the two women on the platform steps.

The assailants were brandishing a knife and a taser and began beating the two and threatening them with the taser. One of the victims had her hair pulled and was beaten while the other handed over her iPhone and pocketbook containing cash and credit cards, begging her attacker to stop hitting. The pleas went unheeded as the assailant continuing training merciless punches on his victim…


rabbi ephraim wachsman shlita coming to the 5 towns

World renowned Rav and lecturer, Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman will be coming to the community Shabbos Parshas Vayishlach, December 13-14.

Rabbi Wachsman will deliver a Shabbos morning drasha in Sh’or Yoshuv, followed by a community-wide Seuda Shlishis.

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Headlines Podcast: How do you define Kiddush Hashem?

Is a Frum boy winning at Jeporady a Kiddush Hashem? Israel sending aid to Haiti? Rallies for Rubashkin? An astronaut making Kiddush in outer space? Is Jewish success and or nationalism a Kiddush Hashem? Is learning in Kollel? And many more examples…

Image Source: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90


Israel Says 3 Rockets Fired Into The Country From Gaza

The Israeli military says three rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip toward southern Israel.

The military said Saturday air defenses intercepted two of the missiles. There have been no reports of injuries and no Palestinian group claimed responsibility for the rocket fire.

Cross-border violence between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza has ebbed and flowed in recent years. Last month, the two sides fought their worst round of violence in months.

Leaders from Hamas, the militant group ruling Gaza, and the smaller but more radical Islamic Jihad are in Cairo, talking with Egyptian officials about cementing a cease-fire…


more great work by rockaway nassau safety patrol

One man under arrest for breaking into cars. Great work by RNSP units in conjunction with NYPD 101 precinct Anti-Crime & other units.

Collaboration between police and community at its best!


Semi-Trailer Bursts Into Flames On Long Island Expressway

PLAINVIEW, NY — All lanes reopened on the Long Island Expressway about six hours after a semi-trailer burst into flames on the eastbound lanes Friday morning, causing massive delays. Plainview and Syosset firefighters arrived to the semi-trailer engulfed in flames near Sunnyside Boulevard around 6:15 a.m., officials told Patch.

The fire closed two lanes of traffic causing major delays in both directions and on the Seaford–Oyster Bay Expressway. The truck was hauling 6,000 pounds of rolled paper, officials said. A prolonged operation was expected. Firefighters from Bethpage, Farmingdale and Melville were also sent to the blaze.

Traffic remained bumber-to-bumper hours later near exits 46 and 48. Around 12:15 p.m., police said all lanes had reopened.(Patch.com)

Image Credit: Medialte


2 dead and several injured in shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola

For the second time in two days, a deadly shooting unfolded at a US Navy base when a gunman opened fire at Naval Air Station Pensacola on Friday, killing at least two people and injuring several others.

The shooting is over, the Escambia County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office said, and the shooter is dead.

Law enforcement is seen stationed outside the Naval Air Station Pensacola on Friday, December 6, 2019.

The base remains on lockdown, a Navy spokeswoman told CNN…

Image Source: USA Today


Witnesses describe shootout that left 4 dead following theft of UPS truck in Florida

An attempted jewelry store robbery that led to the theft of a UPS truck, a hostage situation and a police shootout, ultimately leaving two “innocent civilians” dead, has shaken the Florida community to its core.

“You have chills in your body seeing the scene … It’s not something, an ordeal, you live through on a daily basis,” Alex Melo, a witness, told ABC News Friday morning.

Melo was in the car with Sheila Cabrera when the two said they were stuck in an intersection of the highway in Mirarmar as the shootout erupted during rush hour Thursday afternoon.

The two suspects who attempted to rob Regent Jewelers in Coral Gables, the alleged act that ignited the chaos, were killed in the shootout, FBI Special Agent in Charge George Piro told reporters…


Haaretz Hatova Weekly – Chaya Taub Home at Last

Real Life Stories and Experiences of Yidden Settling in Eretz Yisroel.

Until 2006, at the great pleading of good friends of ours, who had made Aliyah a few years back, my husband Dovid had never been to Eretz Yisroel and I had only come once before as a teenager on a sponsored trip. The entire trip was a total of three weeks. But those three weeks were our turning point. We went home knowing we were coming back, for good. We just didn’t know when.

Dovid and I spent more than the last 40 years teaching, bringing up our 7 children, and involved with our Jewish community. Quebec, Canada had been our home from even before we got married. I taught Chumash, Navi, history to 4th graders in the day girls’ school and my husband taught 3rd graders and special Ed in the boys’ school…


Rabbi Eli Monsour, Description: Parashat Vayeseh: Torah Commitment in Times of Hardship

Parashat Vayeseh begins with Yaakob Abinu’s departure from his homeland, and his journey to Haran, where he would marry, beget a family, and become wealthy tending to Laban’s flocks. The Midrash tells us that before Yaakob left for Haran, he first went to the yeshiva of Shem and Eber, where he spent fourteen years engrossed in Torah learning.

Why did Yaakob first spend these years learning Torah? Why did he not immediately go to Haran to get married and start a family?

One answer that has been given stems from a different passage of the Midrash, which tells us of something else that happened to Yaakob after he left his parents’ home…


Tefillos needed for Rav Dovid Soloveitchik

All are asked to daven for the refuah sheleimah of Rav Meshulam Dovid Soloveitchik, rosh Yeshivas Brisk in Yerushalayim, who is hospitalized at Hadassah hospital in Yerushalayim. Rav Dovid’s condition has taken a turn for the worse. He is in the ICU of the hospital and is in need of rachamei Shomayim. Rav Dovid has been in and out of the hospital over the last two weeks.

Rav Dovid is the fifth of twelve children – and the third son – of the Brisker Rov, Rav Yitzchok Zev Soloveitchik, and Rebbetzin Alte Hendel.

A tefillah gathering will be held tonight at 10 p.m. at Rav Dovid’s yeshiva, located on Rechov Grossberg in Yerushalayim.

All are asked to daven for Rav Meshulam Dovid Halevi ben Alte Hendel.

[Info Source: Matzav.com]


‘Better Safe Than Sorry’ Presentation By Safety Expert Frank Storch

An author, lecturer, and community activist, Mr. Storch will give bottom-line practical safety advice that will address home, personal, family, and community safety as part of a presentation titled “Better Safe than Sorry”.

At The Lawrence Civic Association Community Meeting to be held at the Lawrence Yacht and Country Club, 101 Causeway in Lawrence, on Wednesday, December 11 at 8 p.m.

Image Credit: NY Times


Park It, Trucks: Here Come New York’s Cargo Bikes

Delivery trucks and vans laden with online packages are putting a stranglehold on New York City streets and filling its air with pollutants.

Now a new city program aims to replace some of these delivery vehicles with a transportation mode that is more environmentally friendly and does not commandeer street space: electric cargo bikes.

It will be the first time the city, long home to bike messengers, has specifically promoted cargo bikes as an alternative to delivery trucks.

As many as 100 pedal-assisted cargo bikes operated by Amazon, UPS and DHL will be allowed to park in hundreds of existing commercial loading areas that are typically reserved for trucks and vans. Unlike those vehicles, the bikes will not have to pay meters…


Bug-a-Salt: A Halachic Analysis of 10 Pertinent Questions

(Rabbi Yair Hoffman 5TJT.com) – It is a toy, of sorts, or a device – that wives across America are purchasing for their husbands. Why? Because now, on account of this man-oriented device (or man-toy) their husbands are busy scouring the entire house eliminating flies, bugs, mosquitoes, drain flies, and other household pests.

“Our apartment was invaded with crickets, and my husband went around to get rid of them,” remarked Dassi from Far Rockaway. “Now he is willing to do it. Prior to this he didn’t want to do it.”

For many, however, the purchase is back-firing. Husbands are so enamored by the device (or toy) that they are actually leaving the door open so that more insects will enter – thus giving them the opportunity to kill more insects.

What is this crazy new device and what are the halachic questions involved that has inspired this article…


Trump administration tightens food stamp work requirements

The Trump administration is tightening work requirements for the federal food stamp program in a move that will slash benefits for hundreds of thousands of people. The rule will restrict states from exempting work-eligible adults from having to obtain steady employment to participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which feeds more than 36 million Americans.

The Agriculture Department says the change would save $5.5 billion over five years. Currently, able-bodied adults without dependents and between 18 and 49 can only receive three months of SNAP benefits over three years if they don’t meet the 20-hours per week work requirement.

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services said in September that more than 44,000 Mainers could lose access to food stamps as part of the rule change. Advocates and state officials in Maine said the restriction will hurt people who are struggling to get by.

Gov. Janet Mills joined governors from 16 other states to send a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture secretary in opposition to the plan.

Image Source: Gamespot.com


Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day in Amazon's history

This Cyber Monday set all kinds of sales records, including one that has become something of an annual tradition: Monday was Amazon’s biggest shopping day in the company’s history.

Amazon rarely releases exact numbers, but it said Tuesday that shoppers ordered “hundreds of millions” of products between Thanksgiving and Monday. It said customers bought more items around the world on Monday than on any other day in Amazon’s two-plus decades of existence. Cyber Monday has been Amazon’s top sales day for several years, outpacing the previous Prime Day and Black Friday. Shoppers ordered a record number of Amazon devices over the past four days. The Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick 4K, were among the most popular items, the company said.

The five-day shopping extravaganza was popular for toys. Amazon (AMZN) said customers worldwide purchased more toys this Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined than ever before. Hasbro (HAS), LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle and a “Frozen 2” edition of Monopoly were the bestsellers…


Rabbi Yitzi Ross on Bentching Battles

My 8.5-year-old son has recently become disinterested in davening and bentching. When I try to let him know (without pressuring) that “it’s time to bentch now,” or “let’s take 10 minutes to daven before we have the Shabbos meal,” he responds that he doesn’t want to or isn’t in the mood. I tried starting to give out “bentching treats” to the children after bentching, but now this child uses it as a condition that he will only bentch if I give him a good treat, and this just doesn’t feel like good chinuch. How can I bring excitement and enthusiasm to these areas that seem like a burden to my son? Thank you, Private

I love the way you ended off your email. Excitement and enthusiasm are key elements in Chinuch, and not just for Bentching. Doing Mitzvos should never feel like a burden. Additionally, the issue you brought up regarding rewarding positive behaviors, is a real one. Many parents and mechanchim make this common mistake, and the result is always the same. When you reward children for doing something correctly, they will require a similar or greater reward for each occurrence…

Image Source: NY Times


90,000 Packages Disappear Daily in N.Y.C. Is Help on the Way?

Online deliveries to an apartment building in northern Manhattan are left with a retired woman in 2H who watches over her neighbors’ packages to make sure nothing gets stolen.

Corporate mailrooms in New York and other cities are overwhelmed by employees shipping personal packages to work for safekeeping, leading companies to ban packages and issue warnings that boxes will be intercepted and returned to the senders.

A new start-up company is gambling that online shoppers who are worried about not getting their packages will be willing to pay extra to ship them to a home-based network of package receivers in Brooklyn.

With online shopping surging and another holiday season unfolding, customers’ mounting frustration and anger over stolen packages are driving many to take creative and even extreme measures to keep items out of the hands of thieves…


Jewish English’ One of 637 Languages Spoken in NYC

A decade of work has produced the first definitive map of how many and where languages are spoken in New York City, the most linguistically diverse urban center in the world.

The Endangered Language Alliance found that there are 637 languages and dialects in the Big Apple. These include a dozen versions of English, such as Panamanian English,

Newfoundland English and Jewish English.
Jewish English, better known in the frum world as “Yinglish,” combines regular English words with Yiddish grammar. For example, a child will complain that he wants to “go with” his mother to the store, or wonders “what is?” when someone makes an issue out of a teapot. A woman asks a neighbor to “borrow me” a dozen eggs and beams with pride when retelling how “I threw my mother down the stairs a towel.”

Also on the map is “Hasidic Yiddish,” spoken primarily in Boro Park and Williamsburg, and “Litvish Yiddish,” which is common in Kensington and Midwood. The area is also plastered with Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic, Biblical Hebrew and Haketia, more known among Jews as Ladino, the language spoken by Yidden of Spanish origin…


Rav Avigdor Miller on The Foolish Smoker

Q: There are some who want to say that if someone smokes so he’ll be protected from danger based on the possuk of שומר פתאים השם – that Hashem guards the foolish ones (Tehillim 116:6). What do you say about that?

A: That statement שומר פתאים השם means that Hashem guards the people who are persuaded because they don’t know any better. The word pesi, means someone who is persuaded. I’ll give you an example of a pesi. When King Louis XIV of France was ill, so he had the very best physicians in Europe caring for him. So what did they do? They took melted pearls and poured it down his throat. Melted pearls was considered by the doctors to be the best medicine in those days…


Prison sentences meted out for fatal Lawrence crash which killed Elishvea Kaplan and Yisroel Levin Z"L

LIHerald Reports: Brooklyn residents Rahmel Watkins and Zakiyyah Steward were sentenced on Dec. 3 for their roles in the 2018 April car crash that killed Elisheva Kaplan and Yisroel Levin on the Nassau Expressway in Lawrence. Watkins, 36, received an 18-year to life prison sentence. He was convicted on four counts of second-degree assault, two counts of negligent homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving on Sept. 24.

Steward, 25, was given a sentence of 3 to 9 years. It was the expected sentence. On Feb. 27, Steward pleaded guilty to 17 charges ranging from manslaughter second degree, assault second-degree, reckless driving and endangerment, three vehicular traffic laws, vehicular manslaughter second-degree twice and one first-degree count, and aggravated vehicular homicide.

Before she was sentenced, Steward read a statement and expressed remorse for her actions. “To the Kaplan and Levin families, I’m very sorry for your loss,” she said. “I pray for you more than I pray for myself. I’ll never forgive myself for what I’ve done, but hopefully one day, you will have it in your heart to forgive me…


Kamala Harris drops out of presidential race

California Sen. Kamala Harris on Tuesday announced that she is withdrawing from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, after failing to capitalize on early enthusiasm for her campaign and watching her poll numbers collapse.

“In good faith, I can’t tell you, my supporters and volunteers, that I have a path forward if I don’t believe I do,” Harris wrote in an email to supporters. “So, to you my supporters, it is with deep regret — but also with deep gratitude — that I am suspending my campaign today.” An aide said Harris informed staff Tuesday she is ending her White House bid. Harris entered the race in January as a top contender and had a breakout moment in the first debate thanks to a memorable clash with then-frontrunner Joe Biden over his record on desegregation busing.

But she’s struggled to shine through in subsequent debates and has seen her poll numbers plunge in recent months. In November, Harris dramatically cut her staff in New Hampshire, the state that holds the first primary in the race for the White House, to focus on Iowa.


Washington D.C. Synagogue Vandalized with Swastikas - December 2nd (monday)

The Sixth & I synagogue in downtown Washington, D.C., was vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti. Michelle Eider, the synagogue’s communications manager, said the vandalism contained swastikas and anti-Semitic language and was discovered on Monday morning.

In an email to congregants, the synagogue’s three Rabbis said the damage was minimal and would be quickly fixed. “In these moments, it’s important to remember that it is not a shame but an honor to be a Jew,” said the email. “It is no small irony that it was our doors, symbols of welcoming and inclusivity, onto which someone spewed hatred and bigotry.”

In addition to hosting services and Jewish programming, the non-denominational synagogue hosts events featuring well-known entertainers, thinkers, writers and politicians.

Earlier this year the Synagogue found itself embroiled in controversy; instead of commemorating Yom HaZikaron alongside thousands of other synagogues and Jewish community centers, Sixth & I Synagogue chose to host an “Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony” instead causing outrage on social media.


Harav Yitzchok Koletsky coming to the five towns Wednesday Evening

Come by to receive Brachos and Chizuk, Wednesday Evening, December 4th

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

@ the home of Seth & Zahava Farbman, 354 Eastwood Road, Woodmere.


Carpool Discount to End on GWB, Holland and Lincoln Tunnels

A discount that allowed cars with three or more passengers to pay half price on New York City bridges and tunnels will soon end for some of those crossings.

The carpool discount, which was credited with reducing traffic and helping the environment, will be eliminated on the George Washington Bridge, and Holland and Lincoln tunnels as of Jan. 5. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey made the announcement in an email sent to drivers.

The Port Authority said that with cashless tolls coming on these crossways, the cameras cannot tell how many passengers a car has. An estimated 3 percent of, or 8,000, vehicles took advantage of the discount daily.

One New Jersey lawmaker is pushing back against the plan, which he said would cost drivers thousands of dollars and lead to greater congestion…



fire in inwood home sunday afternoon, bH no injuries

The Inwood Fire Department was alerted to a house fire at 78 Meadow Rd. Upon arrival firefighters were met with fire in the rear of the home. Mutual aide was provided by Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department Woodmere Vol. Fire Department Meadowmere Fire Department Hewlett Fire Department. Long Beach Fire Department provided stand by for the 3rd battalion and covered calls in the district during the alarm. (Signal10)

More photos below 


NYC Councilman Claims Garbage Clutter At Borough Park Schools Is Sanitation Dept. Punishment

New York City Councilman Kalman Yeger, who represents the Borough Park neighborhood, claims that the recent decrease in garbage collection near Brooklyn schools is a deliberate attempt to punish the local Jewish schools.

In September, the city cut regular trash pickup from five days a week to two at the neighborhood’s 27 public and private schools, including several large yeshivas. On days without pickup, mountains of trash pile up on sidewalks near local schools, some of them big enough to dwarf students passing by.

Yeger contended that the city is allegedly deliberately scaling back on garbage collection because the Yeshivas and schools are not participating in composting, according to a report by The Forward…

Image Source: WABC TV


Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea succeeds James O'Neill on Sunday as commissioner of the New York Police Department

The 62-year-old O’Neill is retiring after 36 years with the department, the last three as commissioner.

He won’t be out of work long. He starts Monday as global security chief at credit card giant Visa Inc.

The 50-year-old Shea started as a Bronx patrolman in 1991 and gained prominence in the department as a crime stats guru…

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Dealing with corruption and abuse of Toanim in Beis Din

Can one go to court when faced with a corrupt Toen or Beis Din?

Should we allow Toanim in Beis Din?

Is the system in Eretz Yisroel the correct model?

Image Source: PBS


Black friday sales pulled in a record $7.4 Billion

This year’s Black Friday was the biggest ever for online sales, as fewer people hit the stores and shoppers rang up $7.4 billion in transactions from their phones, computers and tablets.

That’s just behind the $7.9 billion haul of last year’s Cyber Monday, which holds the one-day record for online sales, according to Adobe Analytics. Adobe measures sales at 80 of the top 100 U.S. online retailers.

Adobe expects online sales to jump to another record this Cyber Monday with an estimated total of $9.4 billion. Much of the shopping is happening on people’s phones, which accounted for 39% of all online sales Friday and 61% of online traffic.

Shoppers have been looking for “Frozen 2” toys in particular. Other top purchases included sports video games and Apple laptops…

photo credit: AP


terror attack on london bridge

The Islamic State terror group claimed Saturday the stabbing attack in London which left two people killed.

In a statement released by its Amaq news agency, the terror group claimed that the attack had been carried out by one of its fighters. Offering no evidence to back this claim, the group said the stabbing has been carried in response to a call for violence against the countries that are part of the anti-ISIS coalition led by the US.

Earlier in the day, the UK authorities vowed to do a “full review” of the early prisoner release program after an ex-convict stabbed at least two to death on Friday.  The suspected attacker, Usman Khan, who was shot dead by the police during the assault, had previously been convicted on terrorism charges.

He was conditionally released from jail last December after serving less than half of a 16-year sentence for terrorism. The Parole Board said it had no involvement in his release and that it appeared to have happened automatically, under a legal procedure that allows the early release of convicts as long as they follow certain probationary terms and fit into the required criteria.


Wintry Storm Could Bring Inches of Snow to NYC And Rest of Tri-State This Weekend

Bad weather, including what will possibly be the first snowfall of the season, is heading to the region on Sunday.

The National Weather Service has issued a warning on Friday about a “slow moving low pressure system” heading into the New York area that may bring a light snow accumulation to portions of the region Sunday morning into Sunday afternoon.

The NWS says that precipitation is then likely to change to all rain Sunday evening into Monday morning, before potentially changing back to snow Monday afternoon into Monday night.

This may result in messy travel conditions in the area for Sunday afternoon and evening, as well the afternoon and evening on the following day.

photo credit: AP


RNSP urging residents to lock up and be vigilant, especially in far rockaway

Over the past few weeks there have been a high number of homes in FR area that sustained burglaries or attempted burglaries.

If you see anything suspicious call 911 and the RNSP hptline IMMEDIATELY!


Image Credit: Lohud.com


While Police Investigate Stabbing in Hasidic Enclave, Rumors Abound About ‘Inside Job’

Last week, the phrase on the lips of many Jews in Rockland County, New York, was “hate crime.”

Just before 6 a.m. on Wednesday, a man jumped out of a car on a quiet residential street in the heart of Monsey, the suburban Hasidic haven, and repeatedly stabbed a father on his way to shul for morning services, gauging his eye. Images of the man’s blood on the ground reverberated around the Internet: Though such violent, seemingly anti-Semitic attacks are frequent occurences in the Orthodox enclaves of Brooklyn, no one could remember such an incident in Monsey, which is not only insular but also more isolated.

By Sunday, the community was whispering about the case with a new watchword: yad Yisrael ba’emtza — the hand of Israel is in the middle.

Translation? The person responsible for this is a Jew.

In this dense, tight-knit hamlet of approximately 22,000, facts and misinformation have intermingled and moved like lightning through WhatsApp chat groups. A new narrative about the stabbing has emerged that closely resembles the plot of an episode of “The Sopranos…


JCCRP Chanukah toy drive

JCCRP Chanukah toy Drive bringing smiles to over 500 kids in our community.

5TC as always thanks JCCRP for the amazing work they do for the community on a constant basis!

  • Great chaukah project!
  • great opportunity to teach your kids that not everyone is as fortunate as them.

    See pictures and more info below


BREAKING: Multi-alarm fire damages row of businesses in Cedarhurst, Nassau County (Video / Pictures in Extended Article)

CEDARHURST, Nassau County (WABC) — A row of five stores went up in flames in a three-alarm fire in Nassau County overnight.

The fire started burned through the stores, comprising the Cedarhurst Shoppes, on Central Avenue in Cedarhurst just before 3 a.m. Friday.
Lawrence Cedarhurst Fire Department Chief Edward Koehler said firefighters received a call from police at 2:49 a.m. Friday reporting smoke coming from the building… 


Rabbi Ephraim Polakoff - Parshas Vayeira

Our Exclusive video this week on the Parsha by Rabbi Ephraim Polakoff , Rav Congregation Bais Tefilah of Woodmere.

This is part of the 5TC Weekly Parsha Series from Rabbanim arround the Community as an initiative to connect the community together through Torah. 

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RNSP helps with the fire in elmont

RNSP: “We are always ready to assist as needed. Our units did a great job assisting with traffic control as Elmont FD handled a building fire on a busy stretch of roadway”.

The 5 Towns Community as always thanks RNSP for their constant help!


Rav Avigdor Miller on America Ruined Our Ellul

Q: Why is it that in Europe, in the yeshivos and even among the balabatim, there was a real sensation of eimas ha’din, the fear of the upcoming judgement, during Elul, while here in America we don’t see that type of feeling? Aren’t we frum just like they were in Europe?

A: Let me explain something to you. In the ancient times – and by ancient, I mean a hundred years ago – when they bentched Rosh Chodesh Elul there was a trembling, a tziternish. Yes. As soon as they mentioned Elul there was a tziternish. And that’s because in those days people lived with emunah…


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Major Accident at the corner of broadway and columbia ave

This accident is backing up Broadway and Central in both directions.
5TC suggests using Rock Hall Rd. into Kenridge or West Broadway. Police & Hatzalah are on scene. Besuros Tovos iyh!

Please continue to reach out with any alerts and updates.


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