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Headlines podcasts: Is it Mutar to go to Secular College

Coed dorms, bathrooms and classes; frats, drinking, and OTD risk; “orthodox” Jews mixed dancing parties at night and Shacharis the next morning; rampant anti-Semitism; extreme liberalism and Kefirah – is there any Heter?

Are the Ivy League Schools worse than Brooklyn and Queens colleges? How does the situation in the U.S. compare to that of the U.K., South Africa and Australia?


Shomrim: Driving With Suspended License Can Result in Arrest

Shomrim groups from across the New York City area are warning residents of an increase in incidents of drivers getting pulled over with a suspended license.

This has resulted in the drivers “being arrested and held at the precinct for over 12 hours,” stated a public service message from the Shomrim groups, which included branches in Boro Park, Staten Island, Williamsburg, Flatbush, Crown Heights and Nassau County.

“Always check your license,” the memo warned, “to make sure it isn’t suspended.”

Source: BP 24


Siach Yitzchok Invites Community To Their Chanukas Habayis Tomorrow

With much gratitude to Hashem and tremendous excitement, Yeshivas Siach Yitzchok we would like to invite the community to our Chanukas Hababyis of our long awaited new home at 1045 Beach 9th St Far Rockaway! This Sunday, Jan 19th public viewing and light refreshments at 10:00 AM. Following the showing, there will be a procession from Beach 9th and Channing to our new Cheder building at 11:00 AM. We are excited to greet you all there!


increased security presence

Rockaway Nassau Safety Patrol: As an added measure of security, the RNSP will have enhanced Shabbos patrols on Friday night and Shabbos day. In the event of an EMERGENCY, call our 24/7 Hotline. For anything else, feel free to flag down one of our vehicles. 


Rabbi Eli Monsour, Parashat Shemot: Never Give Up Your Name

We read in Parashat Shemot of Pharaoh’s cruel command to the Jewish midwives, Shifra and Pu’a, that they should kill all newborn Jewish boys whom they help deliver. The midwives courageously defied this edict, for which they were rewarded by G-d.

A careful reading of the Torah’s account of Pharaoh’s command reveals a subtle textual difficulty. The Torah tells: “The king of Egypt said to the Hebrew midwives – one whose name was Shifra, and the other whose name was Pu’a. He said, ‘When you deliver the Hebrew women…if it is a boy, you shall put him to death…” (1:15-16)…


Synagogues Should Not ARM Ordinary Congregants, Jewish Security Agency Says

If synagogues hire armed guards, they should be trained police officers, a top Jewish security agency says in a new report.

Armed congregants who are not law enforcement officers “are unlikely to have experience dealing with high-stress situations,” according to the report issued Wednesday by the Secure Community Network, the umbrella security agency for Jewish institutions. These congregants “are unlikely to have comprehensive training about when not to use lethal force,” it says.

The report was composed following consultations with a group of law enforcement and security experts in August. It was commissioned in the aftermath of the synagogue shootings in Pittsburgh in October 2018 and Poway, California, six months later.

“It is the Task Force’s view that employing a uniformed police officer is the option most likely to achieve the common goals identified,”…


WATCH: black israelite man on loudspeaker in the heart of the community

Black Israelites are here in the 5 towns on Peninsula and Rockaway turnpike on loud speaker. Same Ideology that caused the Jersey City Shooting and the Monsey Stabbing attacks.

Police were dispatched. They spoke to him then frisked him and the 2nd person with him.

“His message was look out Jews we are everywhere. We are the real jews. You were all born into slavery and will die in slavery. Poisoned by Europe and should die in Europe. Mentioned white supremacy could not make out everything he said.”


Rabbi David Fohrman- Parshas Sh'mos

Our Exclusive video this week on the Parsha by Rabbi David Fohrman , Author and Rav at Aleph Beta.

This is part of the 5TC Weekly Parsha Series from Rabbanim arround the Community as an initiative to connect the community together through Torah. 

Image Source: Time Out


FREE ICEE: Seasons Express (Thursday)!

Should be a zchus L”N: Ruchama Chaya Pruma bas R’ Dovid Pinchas

…Never too chilly for a free Icee!


Republican Party Leader In Delaware Ousted After Blaming Jews For Impeachment Hearings

A Republican Party leader in Delaware was fired after Facebook posts that were criticized as anti-Semitic.

The Sussex County Republican Party voted on Monday to oust its vice chair, Nelly Jordan, the Dover Post reported. Her Facebook comments singling out Jews as responsible for the impeachment of President Donald Trump came to light on Dec. 31, according to Delaware State News.

“These jews (sic) have been enrolled to come and testify, to come and interrogate and to be involved in anything that the Democrats enlist them to do to try to look credible to the people of this country,” her post said, according to Delaware State News…

Image Source: Time Out


‘You Jews Vote for Trump’: 3 Teens Berate Jewish Girl on Subway

Yelling obscenities and anti-Semitic remarks, three youths confronted a Jewish girl riding on the subway in Manhattan Tuesday afternoon and threatened to harm her.

To the victim’s shock, transit police refused to file anything more than a harassment report, despite the repeated references to “you Jews” in the attackers’ ten-minute-long tirade.

“It made me feel very uncomfortable,” her father told boropark24.com. “I didn’t go down there to Manhattan to just file a harassment report.”
The 19-year-old female was going home from her teaching job in Manhattan, and was on the F train between Delancey and Carroll streets when the verbal assault began…


Wednesday Night: Anxiety in children

8:30 PM @ Young Israel Woodmere

Dr. Frimi Walkenfeld

The Role of Parenting in Addressing Anxiety


WATCH: Darchei Lifetime Security Guard Honored At The Dinner

Everitt, long time security guard at yeshiva Darchei Torah given honor for his years of dedicated service.

See video below:


Suspect taken into custody in far rockaway

Police had been chasing the suspect on foot till they caught up with him.

Location: 327 Beach 12th st.

5TC will follow up with more details as they become available.


Arrest on Central Ave. across from 833 central building


Multiple Nassau County Police were on scene Monday morning and arrested an African American Male in his mid 50’s. Cause for arrest is unknown at this current time and we will continue to bring updates as we receive them.


Four Hospitalized After Antisemitic Mob Rampages Through Uman, Ukraine

An armed mob stormed through the city of Uman, Ukraine over Shabbat, attacking Jews outside the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav, Yeshiva World News reported. “I returned from the Kloiz [the Breslov synagogue] and I see that they’re beating every Jew who ‘dared’ to look at them or say a word to them,” one Jewish visitor to the town said.  “It started with an insignificant dispute between one of the local Ukrainians and a Jew. The Ukrainian involved in the dispute called his antisemitic friends to come and beat up Jews.

“The police did show up at the scene but didn’t lift a finger to help the Jews. They just stood by and watched what was happening, while the Jews were being beaten up. What they did do was prevent the dozens of thugs from entering the [grave]. “Four Jews were taken to the nearest hospital on Friday night as a result of being beaten by the Ukrainians. On Motzei Shabbat they returned and the fighting is now at its height.”

According to witnesses cited by Yeshiva World News, the Ukrainians were running throughout the city armed with knives and clubs and were looking for Jews.Uman is an important city for many Jews, with thousands making the trip there every year on pilgrimage to the grave of Rabbi Nachman, the founder of the Breslover Hassidic sect. (YWN)


Marching against hate in Mineola

Marching in weather that brought spring to mind more than winter, several hundred people ranging from elected officials to religious leaders to people from across Long Island, walked a half-mile on County Seat Drive to the Theodore Roosevelt Legislative building on Franklin Avenue in Mineola to show support for the Jewish community and their opposition to hate.

The Jan. 11 march was the second consecutive such event in the metropolitan area, following an onslaught of anti-Semitic attacks in December. On. Jan. 4, 25,000 people marched through Manhattan and Brooklyn in an effort to show solidarity after the assaults.

Among them, a Queens man verbally abused and physically threatened three people, including a rabbi and an 11-year-old, in the North Lawrence Costco on Dec. 8; three civilians and a police detective were killed, along with two armed suspects, in a shootout in a Jersey City kosher supermarket on Dec. 10; and five people were stabbed in upstate Monsey on Dec. 28, at a Hanukkah party at a rabbi’s house…


Anti-Semitism and kids

Rabbi Ross. With all the anti-Semitic incidents occurring all around us, our children ages 5,8 and 12 are becoming very apprehensive. My husband and I have noticed some odd changes in their personalities, and we are worried that they are going to start having panic attacks. At what point do we get them professional help, or is this normal? Should we tell them everything is fine, or should we let them understand that there are bad people out there. We’re both trying to stay calm about this. Please help us understand our kids. Thank you very much. Shayna and Max.

I recall answering a similar question a few years ago, but I certainly agree that we need to address some newer issues. This reply assumes that your child does not personally know any of the victims. In the event of a personal tragedy, Chas V’Shalom, you should speak to a licensed therapist immediately…


WATCH: Simcha Leiner spotted on Cental Ave!

Simcha Leiner for the Nachum Siegel half time super bowl show on Cental Ave!


Rabbi Sacks: parshas Vayechi - Covenant & Conversation

See video below


Sen. Tom Cotton Accuses Soros-funded Think Tank Of Fostering Anti-semitism

Sen. Tom Cotton accused the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, a new think tank funded by the billionaires George Soros and Charles Koch, of fostering anti-Semitism in speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday.

Cotton, R-Ark., referred to anti-Semitism as an “ancient hatred” and referenced recent attacks against Jews in Brooklyn and Monsey.

“[Anti-Semitism] festers in Washington think tanks like the Quincy Institute, an isolationist blame America first money pit for so-called ‘scholars’ who’ve written that American foreign policy could be fixed if only it were rid of the malign influence of Jewish money,” he said in remarks quoted prior to the speech by Jewish Insider…


Yeger Excoriates Council for Painting Jews With ‘Scarlet Letter of Derision'

Councilman Kalman Yeger, in a blistering speech, blasted his colleagues for having “tinkered at the fringes of anti-Semitism,” marching against hate while at the same time fostering hatred of the Jewish community. The Boro Park Democrat spoke on Wednesday, three days after progressive groups organized a march against hate which was hijacked by several anti-Orthodox groups.

“For far too long,” Yeger said on the chamber floor, “too many who hold public office, and those who portend themselves to be members of the media, have tinkered at the fringes of anti-Semitism. You market an ‘us versus them’ message against Orthodox Jews. You did this.”

Without mentioning any names, he denounced the politicians of deliberately painting a portrait of Orthodox Jews as “backwards members of society, who don’t vote how you like, don’t do what you want, don’t educate our children how you wish” while simultaneously using Jewish holidays such as Chanukah “to show up near a menorah” and “posing for pictures with Jews”…


Trump’s Top Peace Negotiator Meets Netanyahu In Jerusalem

President Donald Trump’s special representative for international negotiations met in Jerusalem with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the White House’s Israel-Palestinian peace plan, JTA has learned.

The meeting between Avi Berkowitz and Netanyahu was held on Monday, a person familiar with the meeting told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman also was present at the meeting.

Berkowitz succeeded Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s top Middle East peace negotiator, in November. It is his first visit to Israel since taking over…


PHOTOS: NYPD precincts meet with heads of local organizations

Commanding Officer David Barrere, and many other police from NYPD met with heads of local Jewish organizations on Tuesday. Members from JCCRP, Achiezer, RNSP, Hatzalah, were in attendance as well as many local Rabbonim as well.
The purpose of the meeting was to continue the great collaboration between the local Jewish organizations and NYPD in ensuring the safety of our community.


Jewish woman parked outside of Siach Yitzchak in Far Rockaway cursed at, spat on

The man reportedly went on a tirade after he was stopped from entering a yeshiva on Central Avenue in Far Rockaway. Officers said the suspect got upset and walked towards an idle car parked out front with a woman, 44 inside.

The man was caught on video making anti-Semitic remarks before spitting into the vehicle through an open window on the passenger side. The suspect eventually left and police say no one was harmed.

The individual was described as male, approximately in his 20s and has a slim build. Investigators are hoping somebody recognizes the man and calls police.


Video / Photos: 5 towns siyum hashas

Motsai Shabbos local Siyum was a tremendous success. A project of the Iggud Harabonim of neighborhood Shul’s in the 5 towns. With musical performance by Yossi Green & Shira Choir.

See videos and photos in extended article below

Mazel Tov!!


Watch: Siyum Holocaust Tribute

See video below


Watch: Daf Yomi Around the World

See video below


Woman Broke Into Nassau Elementary School, Ran Through Halls: PD

An Island Park woman was arrested Wednesday night after police say she smashed the front window of a Nassau elementary school and broke in.

According to police, Maria Campione, 20, of Franklin Avenue, used a rock to break the front door window of Hewlett Elementary School, at 1570 Broadway in Hewlett, at 10:20 p.m. Police say she then entered the building and was seen by a school employee on surveillance cameras running through the hallways.

Police say she also pulled a fire alarm, which caused the Hewlett Fire Department to respond.One of the school employees called 911, and officers located Campione near the school, police said. She was arrested after a brief chase….


Mother Of Monsey Stabbing Suspect Says Son Was A ‘Shabbos Goy’ Growing Up

The man accused of using a machete to hack five Jews at a Chanukkah event had Jewish friends while growing up — and even did Shabbos chores for them, his mom told The Post on Wednesday.

Grafton Thomas, 37, “was born in a Jewish neighborhood in Crown Heights,” Kim Thomas said in her first public statements since her son’s arrest in the Saturday night bloodbath in Monsey.

Kim, 55, said her son would help one Jewish family observe Shabbos by performing melacha for them..

“Grafton grew up going there on a Friday afternoon to turn off the lights for them,” she said…


‘No Hate, No Fear’ Solidarity March To Take Place Sunday In New York

In the wake of the brutal attacks in Jersey City and Monsey as well as the rise in anti-semitic attacks in Brooklyn, a special solidarity march will take place Sunday at 11 A.M. entitled “No Hate, No Fear.” The march, which is being sponsored by several Jewish organizations including UJA Federation of New York, Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), ADL New York, AJC and the New York Board of Rabbis (NYBR), will commence at Foley Square.

When anti-Semitism strikes our community, we stand up and stand together.

This Sunday, we will march through our streets — proud, united, and strong.

The 1.5 million Jews of our great city and region will not stand down.
We will not be intimidated.

We invite New Yorkers of every background to stand with us and say no to hate and no to fear.


Rudy Giuliani criticizes Bill de Blasio over anti-Semitic attacks: ‘You’re responsible’

Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday resumed his public war with Mayor de Blasio — calling him “lazy,” and a “failure” and asserting that Hizzoner “broke my heart” by ending some of his crime-fighting policies.

Asked about the rise of anti-Semitic attacks in the city and upstate, including the brutal attack by a machete-wielding madman during a Hanukkah celebration in Rockland, Giuliani lambasted de Blasio for suggesting that President Trump bore some of the blame.

“He’s the mayor of the city of New York. He is in charge. And isn’t it fascinating that all of these communities that have been victimized by anti-Semitism …all of these communities, they love the president. They are his greatest supporters,” the former two-term mayor told guest host, Staten Island Councilman Joe Borelli, who was filling in for Joe Piscopo, on WOR AM radio’s “The Answer”..



pictures from the Siyum Hashas

See pictures below. 

Please all 5 Towners: if you have pictures send us via What’s App or the 5TC Email


Rabbi Yitzi Ross - Time to track?

Tracking children is a huge discussion, and it’s not only limited to Jewish children. Should stronger children be pushed harder? There are so many variables that it’s difficult to answer a question like this. Nevertheless, you asked for my opinion, so I’ll share it with you. Please keep in mind that there are MANY Yeshivos and Mechanchim that strongly disagree with me…


WHEN WILL IT END? Hoodlums Attempt To Rob Jewish Boy On Brooklyn Bus, Grab His Yarmulke And Make Racial Slurs

Another day, another antisemitic attack. That’s the new reality in Brooklyn, New York, where a Jewish boy was accosted by six African American teenagers while riding the B3 bus.

According to the young man, the six attackers surrounded him on the bus and began yelling racial slurs at him, grabbing his yarmulke and pulling his AirPods out of his ears.

The group of hoodlums also attempted to pull a wallet from the victim’s pocket but the victim started yelling at them and demanding they return his AirPods…


Ben Shapiro: Every Synagogue ‘Should Have At Least An Armed Guard’

Matzav via TheHill: Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro called Monday for U.S. synagogues to “have at least an armed guard, and several qualified people with firearms” following the weekend stabbing of five people in Monsey, New York.

“Seeing some heartburn over guns in synagogues to protect worshippers. Get over it,” Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, wrote to his 2.4 million followers on Twitter.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said over the weekend the attack was “an act of domestic terrorism”…


VIDEO: Extremely powerful video from rabbi YY Jacobson on antisemitism

Watch Rabbi YY Jacobson explain to the world how the recent attacks on Jews in the USA is an attack on all of humanity.

As Shirley Levy commented “It’s about time that we stand up to all this anti semitism with fierce media that spreads real awareness! Hate crimes affect humanity as a whole and no proud American should be tolerant of these recent acts of bloodshed! We must never lose our right to exist, have a voice and continue our faith in peace! Well done Torah from Sinai!”


Fire in lawrence, on juniper circle: Bchasdei Hashem no tragedies to report, details still unfolding

A fire has broke out in a home on Juniper Circle. There are no reports as to if there are any injuries at this present time. We will continue to bring the public the latest as updates come in.

5tc heard the family was at a chanukah party. Updates to follow. 


Rav Avigdor Miller on The Foolish Smoker

Q: There are some who want to say that if someone smokes so he’ll be protected from danger based on the possuk of שומר פתאים השם – that Hashem guards the foolish ones (Tehillim 116:6). What do you say about that?

A: That statement שומר פתאים השם means that Hashem guards the people who are persuaded because they don’t know any better. The word pesi, means someone who is persuaded. I’ll give you an example of a pesi. When King Louis XIV of France was ill, so he had the very best physicians in Europe caring for him. So what did they do? They took melted pearls and poured it down his throat. Melted pearls was considered by the doctors to be the best medicine in those days…


Haaretz Hatova Weekly – Chaya Taub Home at Last

Real Life Stories and Experiences of Yidden Settling in Eretz Yisroel.

Until 2006, at the great pleading of good friends of ours, who had made Aliyah a few years back, my husband Dovid had never been to Eretz Yisroel and I had only come once before as a teenager on a sponsored trip. The entire trip was a total of three weeks. But those three weeks were our turning point. We went home knowing we were coming back, for good. We just didn’t know when.

Dovid and I spent more than the last 40 years teaching, bringing up our 7 children, and involved with our Jewish community. Quebec, Canada had been our home from even before we got married. I taught Chumash, Navi, history to 4th graders in the day girls’ school and my husband taught 3rd graders and special Ed in the boys’ school…


Rabbi Yitzi Ross on Bentching Battles

My 8.5-year-old son has recently become disinterested in davening and bentching. When I try to let him know (without pressuring) that “it’s time to bentch now,” or “let’s take 10 minutes to daven before we have the Shabbos meal,” he responds that he doesn’t want to or isn’t in the mood. I tried starting to give out “bentching treats” to the children after bentching, but now this child uses it as a condition that he will only bentch if I give him a good treat, and this just doesn’t feel like good chinuch. How can I bring excitement and enthusiasm to these areas that seem like a burden to my son? Thank you, Private

I love the way you ended off your email. Excitement and enthusiasm are key elements in Chinuch, and not just for Bentching. Doing Mitzvos should never feel like a burden. Additionally, the issue you brought up regarding rewarding positive behaviors, is a real one. Many parents and mechanchim make this common mistake, and the result is always the same. When you reward children for doing something correctly, they will require a similar or greater reward for each occurrence…


Rabbi Ephraim Polakoff - Parshas Vayeira

Our Exclusive video this week on the Parsha by Rabbi Ephraim Polakoff , Rav Congregation Bais Tefilah of Woodmere.

This is part of the 5TC Weekly Parsha Series from Rabbanim arround the Community as an initiative to connect the community together through Torah. 


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Major Accident at the corner of broadway and columbia ave

This accident is backing up Broadway and Central in both directions.
5TC suggests using Rock Hall Rd. into Kenridge or West Broadway. Police & Hatzalah are on scene. Besuros Tovos iyh!

Please continue to reach out with any alerts and updates.


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