Supportive, compassionate services for those with special needs and mental health challenges — Right Here, in the Five Towns!


“Hamaspik opened new doors for us,” says a parent from the Five Towns. “Until recently, our community had very little knowledge of services that are available. Services such as ComHab, respite, and financial subsidies are game changers for families of children with special needs or mental health challenges.”

Now, with the recent opening of Hamaspik’s Five Towns location on 76 Columbia Ave, obtaining services just got easier and more convenient.

“Hamaspik established the Five Towns location for one important reason,” says Chava Laufer, Five Towns Regional Manager. “We want people to have easy access to services — right here, in the community, by the community. All of our staff members live in the Five Towns or surrounding areas, and they truly understand, and care about, the community’s needs.

“Applying for services is a process,” adds Chava. “It’s overwhelming to do it on your own. That’s why we’re here. From the moment you reach out, we will hold your hand and guide you through the entire process, so that you can receive life-altering services.”


“Many people don’t even know they are eligible,” points out Ahuva Breuer, Five Towns Intake Coordinator. “In fact, Hamaspik clients span a wide spectrum. It is well known that we service individuals with more severe disabilities and individuals across the spectrum of ASD, but we also service hundreds of children in mainstream schools who are struggling with emotional or mental health challenges.”

What type of services can parents receive? 

“The most common services are ComHab and respite,” says Ahuva. “ComHab is one-on-one care with a focus on attaining new skills – whether it be in a developmental area or in the emotional health realm, while respite is designed to give parents and family members a break to rest and recuperate. Other transformational services specifically provided for those with developmental disabilities include prevocational training to prepare individuals for future employment and Fiscal Intermediary services for those who want to self-direct an individualized budget. Children with behavioral health challenges are also eligible for care management. In addition, we are constantly working on expanding our services, to bring even more support and hope to the community.

“Before I received respite services, I was constantly busy with my son,” shares a Five Towns Mom. “I didn’t know there was an option to get help. It’s a real relief. My son is thrilled with the individual attention he gets from his worker.”

“Hamaspik really cares”, summarizes another parent. “There’s a person behind each phone call. They don’t look at my child as just another number — they always try to accommodate his needs.”

Hamaspik is here for you, with a mission to provide services, support, and hope to people going through challenges so they can live a fulfilling, productive life.

Reach out to see what developmental disability or mental health services you or your child are eligible for today.

Call us at 516.875.8400 Ext. 225 or stop by our office at 76 Columbia Ave, Cedarhurst, NY.

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