1. Wilhelm DeBlasio says you dont need permits if the rally is to address systemic societal mistreatment . This community has been mistreated by both the mayor and the governor.

  2. Anonymous 10:49: 5T crazies? I don’t see any of us burning masks in the street and trying to make weddings for 10,000 people. They sent cameras here too but they were gone after a day or two. Not much to see here.

  3. Trump has been the best friend that the Jews have ever had in this country and is the only one fighting against the anti-G-d sodomite Democrats, anyone who can’t understand that truly suffers from Trump derangement syndrome.

  4. @Democrat – Yes, the Democrats represent an evil anti-G-d antisemitic sodomite agenda, if you don’t understand that you need to wake up

  5. The problem with Democrats is they don’t understand logic, god forbid sleepy joe gets in say goodby suburbs and freedom of religion

  6. The anti- maskers, etc. at this demonstration are doing a disservice to all of us. They are supposedly pro- HaShem, but they are actually doing a Chillul Hashem with their ideas. G-d helps those who help themselves.

  7. It’s all ok…because it’s gonna be a Trump landslide!


    It’s not a chillul Hashem. The Jewish Dems are walking evil chillul Hashem!

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