HERE WE GO AGAIN: Another Orthodox Family Thrown Off Spirit Plane For 2 Year Old Non Compliance


UPDATED: The entire flight was allowed to get back on the flight, including the Jewish family. According to initial reports, the steward who was behind the decision to force the deplane was removed from the flight. Video footage allegedly shows the steward being led away by a police officer.

Another Orthodox family was thrown off a Spirit Airlines flight from Orlando to NY, due to their 2-year-old not complying with wearing her mask.

The family was seen leaving the plane along with their special needs child (video posted with permission). Everyone on board was in agreeance with the couple who were target by this woman who kicked them off. The mother attempted several times to mask her 2-year-old child while being fed yogurt but to no avail.

This is not the first time Spirit Airlines targeted the Orthodox, what a disgrace. #boycottspiritairlines


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