Siddur Discovered of Meron Victim With Eerie Discovery


Yehonatan Chevroni, one of the Niftarim in the Meron Tragedy, had a custom to cut out newspaper clippings and paste them to his Siddur in order to help him with Kavanah.

The family was in disbelief when they happened upon one of the clippings with the mention of “Meron”. The clippings were found on the page of ‘Elokai Neshama’, in which we thank G-D for returning us our souls in the morning. Yehonaton decided to attach a clipping of an individual (20 year old) from Bnei Brak who tragically one morning just did not wake up. The eerie clipping reads: “We returned from Meron, went to sleep, and did not wake up”.

Chevroni, was 27-years-old and a father of three. He studied in the Yeshiva in Givat Shmuel. He clearly had a very pure Neshama, as did all the Niftarim the more we continue to hear about them. May we learn from the Niftarim, the Neshamos should all have an Aliyah.


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