Five Towns And Far Rockaway Rabbonim Join Together On The Impact Of Getting Vaccinated



  1. Q. Why don’t the doctors put out a video?

    A. Most of them opine that natural immunity is better protection than the shot. All the local doctors I spoke to advised me not to vaccinate my children or myself who recovered from Covid. They told me it’s like giving the chicken pox vaccine to someone who already had the chicken pox. They explained to me that even if the side effects are rear (which is arguable), there is no reason to take even minimal risks if there is zero health benefit.

    There is a reason almost no doctors administer this vaccine. There is no other vaccine which is only administered by pharmacies and clinics.

    Let’s see doctors put out video. Let each professional adhere to their own profession. Rabonim know Halacha. Doctors know refuah.

  2. Wow! Our Rabbis are for sale. They will literally parrot anything the government/CDC says even though we have all seen them disproven time and time again in front of our eyes. There are countless people coming out and complaining about the after-effects of the vaccines, including women having disruptions in their ability to get pregnant- but the medical community is not allowing it to be publicized. Dctors themselves are definitely not reporting it- as it goes against the mainstream and are afraid of being labeled “anti vaxxer”, “conspiracy theorist” or some other terrible moniker. Those with a shred of integrity are privately telling individual patients to make a risk/benefit analysis- as obviously the need for the vaccine varies amongst the population and for those that are high risk, the vaccine risks/side effects may be worthwhile. So sad that along with the CDC – OUR RABBIS are just telling everyone to blindly take it, no questions asked. Why? So our shuls can stay open. Why are we accepting this? Who closed our shuls in the first place? Maybe it’s time to open our eyes and recognize government overreach and stop going along with it. Ironically, some of these same Rabbis (R Bender, for one) are blatantly not going along with the state mask mandate for schools as it is obviously unnecessary and counterproductive on so many fronts. I respect them for this. Then why the blind allegiance to the medical community on the vaccine issue. Don’t they know how much doctors are reimbursed for the vaccines? They try to trick us by saying “it’s free”. Yes, that’s true on our end- but that doesn’t mean they are not making money from them. They get reimbursed from insurance for each one, along with significant funds from the government being sent to them-some of the larger frum clinics got over 10m in government money for giving vaccines- all this on top of the insurance reimbursement for them! Hard to blame them for pushing them. But our Rabbis? Do better.

  3. This video is propaganda and inappropriate. Such an agenda to push a vaccine- pharmaceutical product.
    When you read how much money medical centers – Jewish ones- received – to encourage vaccine uptake….

  4. With regards to what [email protected] wrote,

    I was also thinking that at least one of the Rabbis on that video has a family member who profited millions off of this Covid hype. I also heard he is making money off of the vaccine.

    Even if not deliberately, it’s impossible to think straight when it comes to a family member making millions.

    I asked one of these pro-vaccine Rabbis who their doctor-source is. I followed up, and that doctor told me he only recommends vaccine for those who never had Covid.

  5. I am somewhat shocked by the attitude by many of the responses here. With the exception of individuals that have had and recovered from COVID-19 (who already have antibodies to COVID-19) and young children, what is the logic in not receiving the vaccine?

    Have any of you read about the results from Israel? You want to hear from a physician? I present to you Prof. Dr. Ran Balicer, Chief Innovation Officer at Clalit Health Services & Founding Director, Clalit Research Institute. BGU Professor. Chair, National Covid-19 National Experts Advisory Team. Prof. Balicer wrote the following article:

    Please read this article before you write any comments on the article! (The title was incorrectly translated from the Ivrit, which should be: “Task: Increase the rate of vaccinations in the first dose”

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