Uptick in Break-Ins to Vacant &/or Homes Under Construction


Nassau County: There has been an increase in break-ins to vacant and/or homes under construction. Subjects may case out potential targets during the day and return at night.

Steps to protect your home:

– Lock gates, windows and doors.

– Ask a trusted neighbor to bring up trashcans and newspapers.

– Consider installing a security surveillance system. Display the stickers on doors and windows.

– Keep an indoor and outdoor light on.

– Notify neighbors when construction or real estate companies will be at your residence.

– Install deadbolts to prevent doors from being pried open.

IF A BURGLARY DOES OCCUR, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT try to enter the premises – the burglar may still be inside. DO NOT disturb any evidence.

Be Alert! If you see something, say something! Call 911 for emergencies or crimes In progress Crime Stoppers 1-800-244-TIPS.


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