TZFAT ESTATES – From the Holy City of Jerusalem to the Holy City of Tzfat



ISA Group proudly announces the launch of Tzfat Estates –

the newest luxury development in the Estates series,

right next to the Old City of Tzfat

ISA Group, builder of the most spoken about development in Jerusalem, Jerusalem Estates, is now bringing their talent and experience up North. They’re setting a new standard for upscale living in the capital of the Galilee, with the launch of Tzfat Estates, the next milestone project in the deluxe ‘Estates’ series.

At ISA Group we recognize the demand for this project among Jews in Israel and worldwide. People deeply desire superior homes in the heart of the most beautiful, historic and heart-stirring places in Israel. Who isn’t familiar with the magical allure, pure air, and lush views of the Upper Galilee? This is the destination of choice for hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to soak up the unique atmosphere and kedushah. For that matter, our ‘Estates’ line of upscale residences also needs no introduction.  And now, we’re making a dream come true, by bringing the two together at Tzfat Estates.

After many months of meticulous planning and preparation, the beloved city of Tzfat is soon set to welcome a residential project of unparalleled prestige. Those who love Tzfat and still want to enjoy the quality of life they associate with Jerusalem’s luxury developments, will find their home in Tzfat Estates.

Tzfat Estates is adjacent to the Old City, next to the Ruth Rimonim Hotel, on one of the last remaining plots of land in the historic area of the city — facing Mount Meron and the Tziyun of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. An inspired and inspiring residence planned and designed by Feigin Architects, which seamlessly blends modern standards with ancient roots.

Our brief pilot sale of these residences has revealed strong demand and has already attracted dozens of buyers, including many from the States and Europe. This warm response indicates that the need for luxury apartments in Tzfat — whether for year-round or vacation use — is rising steadily. As trailblazers in the world of bespoke Israeli real estate developments, ISA Group is now offering an unprecedented opportunity to acquire a beautiful, uplifting home bordering the Old City of Tzfat. This is big news for those who yearn for the heights— of spirituality and quality of life.

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