Rabbi Bender Urging Parents to Reach Out to Politicians Regarding Free Meal Bill


Earlier this week the State Senate and the Assembly released their one-house budgets. As a reminder, the Governor, the Senate, and the Assembly propose their own budgets and then negotiate a final budget which is due April 1st.

Both the Senate and the Assembly funded Universal Free Lunch at $280 million. Again, these budgets and numbers are not final and we must continue to make our voices heard.

You can’t learn if you’re hungry. It’s that simple. For the past two years, federal funding provided for free school meals and was a critical source for many of our children and families during the pandemic. Without that funding, our families are feeling the impact. Food prices have surged, inflation has accelerated, and households are facing unpaid school meal debt. Children can not learn if their basic needs aren’t met. New York State must step in and help fill the gap to ensure no child is left hungry.

Rabbi Bender Shlita is urging residents to please take just 30 seconds of your day to urge your state legislators to fully fund universal free lunch for all students in New York.


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