With Parents at War, Shuvu Is There For Eretz Yisroel’s Children


The war in Eretz Yisroel is having a tremendous impact on all people, especially the children. With 6,000 children enrolled in Shuvu, many from the war-affected areas of the South and North, Shuvu  staff is working overtime to provide a sense of security and stability to the children, many who have family members, including parents, fighting in the army.

Please Help Us Help Them! 

Hear from one of Shuvu’s Children first-hand:

Shuvu’s Rebbeim and teachers are teaching – and encouraging – thousands of children through daily Zoom classes, as well as through personal phone calls to the thousand of young children who feel they are living in a nightmare. Shabbos packages with candles and grape juice, as well as treats to put a smile on children’s faces, are sent out weekly. Additionally, consistent with the flourishing Teshuva movement due to the war, many children and families are asking Shuvu for Siddurim, Tehillim, Tzitzis, and other items. And Shuvu is doing its best to fulfill all requests.

Our office and staff is overwhelmed – and we need your help to continue being there for Eretz Yisroel’s children – and all of Klal Yisroel. The children must have the security and stability that is so important for their childhood. Please help us help them by donating at www.charidy.com/shuvu

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