PM Netanyahu: “After Hostage Release, War Will Resume Full Steam Ahead” (Watch)


“From the start of the war, I set three goals: Eliminating Hamas, returning all of our hostages and ensuring that Gaza will never again go back to being a threat to the State of Israel. These three goals still stand.

In the past week, we have had a very great achievement – the return of dozens of our hostages. A week ago this seemed imaginary but we achieved it.

But in recent days I have heard a question: After completing this stage of the return of our hostages, will Israel go back to the fighting? My answer is an unequivocal yes.

There is no situation in which we do not go back to fighting until the end. This is my policy. The entire Security Cabinet is behind it. The entire Government is behind it. The soldiers are behind it. The people are behind it – this is exactly what we will do.”


  1. Let’s see if he will be able to withstand the US pressure and likely threats, that primarily the traitorous Democrats, will exert on Israel. I pray he will.

  2. He caved by agreeing to the pause. Not sure this is going to happen. There are still many more hostages! What will happen yo them?

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