BDE: Maoz Morell HY”D; Footage of Friends at Levaya


22-year-old Maoz Morell HY”D, a soldier in the IDF’s Paratrooper Brigade from the city Talmon who was critically injured while fighting Hamas terrorist in Khan Younis last week, has succumbed to his wounds in the hospital. This brings the tragic death toll in the ground offensive against Hamas to 236 R”L.

His family says they recited Tefillos while surrounding the hospital bed in his final moments.

Eitan Morell, father of fallen soldier Maoz Morell: “It gives me a small measure of comfort to know that he fell in battle. He was fighting. That does give me some comfort.”

Maoz and his unit were in a house in Gaza when a grenade was thrown at them. Maoz, who was in another room, ran to assist the wounded then went up to the roof to provide cover fire. An hour later, he was critically wounded with irreversible brain damage.

His father said, “We were told it’s a one way. There’s no coming back from this. It’s not a matter of what, it’s a matter of when. So, we were given a number of days. We see it now as a gift that we were able to say goodbye to him.”

HY”D. Besuros Tovos.

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