Far Rockaway Protests Scheduled For Tuesday, 6:00 PM


Many communities have been in fear over the current protests taking place all over the country since the death in Minneapolis.

A protest has been scheduled to take place in Far Rockaway and we have been bombarded with concerned messages.

We have reached out to local members within the community. They have noted that there is a very similar protest going on now, Sunday May 31, on Beach 95th Street that is currently not large and very peaceful. That is certainly very calming news. RNSP and local officials have been in touch with the local Police force and politicians to preemptively safeguard the community, in a manner that would not in any way endanger Shomrim and the Police Officers.

We’ll continue to update the community as further information comes in. In the interim, stay away from the area of the scheduled protest. The eyes and ears of our community will be monitoring the situation, as always.


  1. By saying” may these local RIOTS be peaceful and calm”, you are inciting fear and hate. Please change your sentence to “ may these local DEMONSTRATIONS OF SOLIDARITY be peaceful and calm. In addition, by definition, a riot cannot be peaceful.

  2. These protests are notoriously not peaceful and usually turn violent . The fact that the protests begin off central ave is only waking distance away from our central ave and who says they can’t walk a short distance and create mayhem and destruction. Embrace yourself and protect your property . They destroyed Rodeo Drive and other upscale communities and no reason why they would stop there

  3. It is clear that many young black men are police targets. They have suffered from police brutality! The police forces must learn to handle these men without anger. They must be trained to express their ire with words, not with force. If we are to have an effective police force on the streets of our cities such training is a must, and will facilitate a stronger and more understanding patrol of our cities and its citizens.

  4. Reuven, please do not start with negativity here. There is enough going on all over that we don’t need your comments

  5. If the police march WITH the protestors and protect LIVES instead of PROPERTY, then I GUARANTEE you ALL will be completely safe

  6. As we have seen these past few days, people have rage, jealousy and greed.
    If it was rage, they would burn the stores down.
    But they choose to break the windows and steal for personal benefit. How does this looting equate to a protest?
    We have seen this most recently in Soho.
    Also, all you people driving in masks by yourselves in cars; how do you maintain this 6 foot distance in a march?
    Granted its a bogus number anyway.
    So Corona has been cured? No one cares anymore?

  7. Anonymous person accusing a Jew of being a KKK member.
    1. Please illustrate where the facts about destruction are false
    2. Jews are guilty of supporting the Civil Rights movement in 60’s – we stood by our brothas
    3. Most of the Hospitals and Community centers in Brooklyn and other “urban” areas had been donated by Jewish people and bear their names.

    Yet all this gets overlooked, cuz it aint to your benefit.

  8. Big Daddy Kane –
    1. Has there been destruction? Yes Was the post warning people about potential violence appropriate? No
    2. If you think Jews are “guilty” of supporting the Civil Rights movement and refer to “brothas”, your comment speaks volumes
    3. Jews were living in those areas when they were donated. And, even if not, how does the dedication of those builidings mitigate against the post?
    Maybe the post by anonymous was wrong – maybe the drycleaners meant to call you.

  9. To Anonymous’ Brother;
    If I have an African American girlfriend, does that make me a racist?

    I recognize beauty in all people, as well as stupidity and savagery that exists amongst us all.

    These riots are now consisting of 60/40 black/ white ratio.
    I hate all looters – white, black, asian, trans, etc…
    I believe it is now more about class status and not race.

  10. These protesters vandalized shuls in california as I’m sure most of you heard. They would love to loot big homes. They are wild animals.

  11. Does anyone really think what they are doing is a complete disgrace to this man . I get it but burning down your own neighborhood says something about you. .taking what is not yours because you don’t want to work and think your intitlted to it .because a white person has it . I hate police.

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