Former 5 Towns Resident Making Headlines in Israel


Israeli newspapers are reporting that former 5 Towns resident, Shmuel Sackett, is leading the battle to help Israel. The Dream Raffle, founded by Sackett in 2018, distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Israeli farmers who had been devastated by fire-balloons and other acts of agricultural terror. “I’m not one who can just sit, watch and complain about what’s happening”, stated Sackett, “When I saw Jewish farms burning, I ran to help”. The funds from “The Dream Raffle” helped to plant new trees and rebuild fields that had been destroyed.


This year, the challenge is to keep small businesses In Israel open. Stores, factories and offices, affected by COVID-19, are closing daily and thousands of families are in danger of losing their livelihoods. The proceeds from this year’s Dream Raffle will go directly to those businesses in order to keep them open!

Imagine that…a person who buys a ticket can win a $1,000,000 luxury apartment in the heart of Jerusalem – with an incredible view of the Temple Mount – plus help keep thousands of Jewish workers employed and with a respectable “parnossa”.

That’s what is known as a WIN-WIN!!!”

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