Israeli Branch of ‘Oraysa’ Established, Dedicated in Memory of Dr. Schorr Z’L


To say the world lost a bright light on the 27th of Tishrei is an understatement. Dr. Nachman Schorr was the beloved optometrist of our 5 Towns/Far Rockaway community. To his family, he was an extraordinary husband, father, and grandfather. To the community, he was an incredible friend, a remarkable ba’al chessed, a role model to all, and most of all, a humble Talmid Chacham.

Those who knew Dr. Schorr saw that there was no greater joy in the world to him than learning Torah. He believed wholeheartedly that it is every person’s obligation to not just support Torah, not just learn Torah, but to acquire Torah. This to him, was the definition of a Ben Torah, and he lived his life accordingly.

In January 2020, Oraysa was founded. Oraysa is a revolutionary program that unites chaburos and communities around the world with one common goal: to methodically learn and review Shas with the goal of retaining the Torah learned. Although a relatively new program, Oraysa has become increasingly popular and includes over 5,000 participants in several countries. Oraysa’s program is geared to all members of Klal Yisroel, from Magidei Shiur to Balabatim. Oraysa provides everyone, regardless of background knowledge, with access to shiurim, review sheets, quizzes, bechinos and more.

When Dr. Schorr heard about this program, he was thrilled. He saw firsthand how this method can impact the way someone learns, change their life, and spread unprecedented amounts of Limud Torah throughout the world. Since Oraysa’s inception, Dr. Schorr spoke about it at length and encouraged others to join. In fact, Orasya excited him so much that this past summer, in addition to giving the Daf Yomi, he started learning with the Oraysa program himself. Unfortunately, Dr. Schorr was only able to participate in Oraysa for a short time before his untimely passing.

Upon the urging of Harav Dovid Cohen Shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Chevron, who feels that such a program is crucial in Eretz Yisroel, we set out to launch and expand an Israeli branch of Oraysa. The expansion will establish chaburos in communities throughout Eretz Yisroel. This branch will be dedicated in memory of Dr. Schorr,ר’ נחמן בן משה הלוי, whose life mission was to acquire Torah and grow in Torah. This great undertaking will surely bring an aliyas neshama to our beloved Dr. Schorr.

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