Proposed Plan For Lawrence Aquatic Facility – Withdrawn


UPDATED: The proposed plan For Lawrence Aquatic Facility has been withdrawn. 5TC thanks Mayor Edelman for his efforts to give the town an incredible amenity. The town decided it wasn’t necessary and the Village decided it would scrap the proposal. See full statement below.

May 12, 2021

Dear Residents:

The Village recently sent out a survey regarding the possibility of building an Aquatic Center on Causeway attached to the LY&CC driving range. As of today, May 12th, we have only received 228 responses; 111 in support of the project and 117 against the project.

We were looking for at least 75% support, however, the residents of Lawrence have spoken and the Board of Trustees have decided to cancel this proposed Aquatic Center.


Mayor Alex H. Edelman
Deputy Mayor Michael A. Fragin
Trustee Paris C. Popack
Trustee Eli Kutner
Trustee Jeff Landy

Dear Residents and Friends:

Since 1897 the Incorporated Village of Lawrence has been universally recognized as the perfect destination community with unparalleled municipal services and a wide range of social and recreational facilities.

In an effort to not merely maintain that status, but to increase and enhance it, the Village Administration is proposing the construction of a state-of-the-art Village Aquatic and Recreational, members only, Center to feature a 2,900 square foot Junior Olympic, year-round swimming pool separate for men, women and family enjoyment.

This 24,000 square foot new structure would be attached to a redesigned twelve booth golf driving range which would also offer three virtual golf bays.

The pool (which would include a learn-to-swim area and locker rooms) would be augmented by a steam room, wet and dry saunas and a whirlpool.

The second floor would feature a complete fitness center, exercise gym and a kosher health bar as well as areas for indoor and outdoor dining. The entire facility will have adequate parking and will not infringe on any other area.

Construction costs of $7 million will be provided from funds already in-hand as a result of the recent successful sale of the Village’s decommissioned water treatment plant, and carrying costs will be covered by an estimated 500 families at a $1,200 to $1,500 yearly membership per family.

This proposed Lawrence Aquatic and Recreational Center is the result of several years of inquiry and research and will fill a gap long sought by generations of Village residents. Looking forward to this new and exciting addition to our wonderful Village of Lawrence. Please click below to submit your feedback.

Submit Feedback

Very truly yours,

Mayor Alex H. Edelman
Deputy Mayor Michael Fragin
Trustee Paris Popack
Trustee Eli Kutner
Trustee Jeff Landy


  1. Where is a LIBRARY expansion plan that we so critically need. Is a private “health club” more important than a dynamic library, that could serve the educational & cultural requirements of this community?

  2. A little elitist???? Everyone pays taxes therefor something built should benefit all. A newer, state of the art and expanded library . Why shouldn’t we have a library that benefits all people , adults and children alike .

  3. Why would you want to build something like this in the beautiful gold course. How about spending money on improving a library and park for the kids. We have so many kids in the neighborhood and the park is horrible.

  4. Finally, a place to spend dats off with children and grandchildren. Swimming lessons.. I can’t wait for this. Center to open! As far as a library I just use the Woodmere one.

  5. How old are you people? Do you really think a library would benefit everyone more than a pool ? No one goes to the library anymore. It’s called Amazon Prime. And btw- for the 6 people that go to the library a year, I think our library is just fine.

  6. Horrible idea. Why would you build this commercial building in the middle of the beautiful golf course. We pay a lot of taxes in back Lawrence and we want to enjoy the golf course and peaceful environment. We don’t need a YMCA gym in the middle of our beautiful neighborhood. This should be build by the highway or railroad not on a golf course.

  7. Sounds like something to increase traffic and line someone’s monetary pocket. Very high membership fee which most can’t afford. How does this benefit the public? I can go to Echo park where it’s far cheaper.

  8. Many families would prefer two separate pools. Bungalo colonies are doing this nowadays as it is so much more convenient. This way the males and females of a family who require separate swimming can go swimming at the same time without having to stagger their times. It would also enable more time for each gender to swim separately.

    For the $7 million cost, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect 2 separate pools.

  9. Will the pool be accessible year round (indoor) & maybe have a retractable roof for summer use?
    Will residents of other towns like ceda & woodmere be allowed to use it?

  10. This is such a long overdue idea.. families pay thousands of dollars to go to beach clubs for a very season. This is year round

  11. Dropping a commercial building of this size and magnitude in the center of a peaceful residential area, where many of us have invested in homes to enjoy the serenity and open views that the golf course offers, is a slap in the face to your residents. Please ask yourself if you would like this built adjacent to your home. This belongs in a commercial area- if anywhere- not in our backyards.

  12. I agree, why are we building a commercial building on a beautiful golf course. Imagine the traffic all year around in a residential area.

  13. The goal should not be to have an aquatic center in the 5 towns. We are talking about Lawrence. Seems like those for it are not even Lawrence residents. Opinions of non Lawrence residents who do not pay our taxes should not even be considered.

  14. I think it’s criminal to build a huge commercial building on a beautiful green golf course. We came to live here for the quiet and serenity and you want to bring traffic and noise! Let’s be honest most people who live in Lawrence and want a pool build one or join a club. In order to sustain this they will have to open up to non- residents. I think the money would be better spent to reduce flooding and put electricity underground.

  15. This is the most horrible idea, who even comes up with such ridiculous ideas? To literally disturb the peace for so many residents that live nearby ? There are so many other better way to spend the money you have then to build a pool when most ppl already have on in their back yards.

  16. An upgraded library is sorely needed; HOWEVER the library district encompasses ALL of District 15, not just Lawrence. A note to the person who says hardly anyone uses a library— have you looked at the circulation numbers? You are out of touch with reality. IPS. I live in Atlantic Beach and use our library!!

  17. If you use our local library, in Lawrence. Then we should use your beaches in Atlantic beach? We’re in the same district right? Would that be ok?

  18. Seems strange they would just drop the project after hearing from only 228 residents, when that only represents a fraction of the number of residents in the Village. Even those with objections might change their minds if the plan was modified to meet their concerns.

  19. A pity you are scraping the idea !!!! An indoor facility would benefit the entire community and the details can be worked on depending on usage and could be adjusted.

  20. I have no issue giving my name. Back Lawernce is known for its exclusivity and upscale peaceful environment. As far as the 7 million and what to do with it , well we can either spread it out to the consumer , meaning homeowners in order to lower our taxes . If that’s unacceptable, you have the entire Lawernce Ave near the post office that can be bought and that’s a great location for commercial project such as a gym , pool or indoor dinning . One great idea is to build a sidewalk along Barrett which begins at yacht Basin and ends near Washington Ave , literally the entire Back Lawernce. As we know it’s treacherous walking with cars ,as safety is an utmost concern therefore as it does not interfere with anyone’s property beside the edge of the golf course which is not utilized I highly recommend this safety measure .

  21. Regarding Atlantic Beach residents using “your” local library in Lawrence—I pay taxes to support the library just as does every homeowner in district 15!!! The library BELONGS to EVERY resident of Atlantic Beach, Cedarhurst, Lawrence, parts of Woodmere and North Woodmere. Do you pay Village of Atlantic Beach taxes? That money supports OUR beaches. You may use OUR boardwalk if you wish- our gift to you.

  22. In all honesty replacing or improving of a library if misguided. Recently I spent some time perusing the libraries in our area. It was merely To note rows of computer terminals and nearly no books to be found. The concept of a library today is hardly a tribute to the one built in Alexandria in ancient times. A family pool in this neighborhood would be a great benefit. I would be happy to contribute to it as I believe most people should.

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